IK Multimedia iLoud Monitor Review


Man, I fell in love with the iLoud MTM monitors last year at NAMM. Derek took us in one of their listening rooms and played some familiar music, when I heard Dr. Dre’s “Nothin But a G Thang” and heard the actual reverb on his voice it was a wrap!

I definitely wanted to check them out in my own setup, so huge thanks to IK Multimedia for getting a pair over for me to dig into.

The Sound?

I gotta say, I really enjoy these monitors, probably some of my favorite monitors so far.Β  Very detailed with plenty of low end representation and the stereo field/imaging is nice. I can definitely hear my pans, and even movement of fx across the whole range.

The power put out by these monitors is crazy, I never have to crank them all the way, they get super loud, I’m talking shake my walls in the house loud, yeah…dope.

The ARC Self Calibration

The calibration built in is super dope, though, for me, in my small bedroom setup I tested these in, I preferred just using the flat profile. The ARC mic comes with the monitor so it is super easy to use.

I gotta say, the calibration really let me know how bad my room is, as it tried to combat all the standing waves and low end/bass build up….which made it calibrate to super flat with no low end at all!

However, I have friends who have used this in more treated setups and it is really dope. Bottom line about the calibration, it works, but it is not a magic fix for all the issues in your room.

My overall thoughts?

As if I haven’t said it enough, I dig these monitors. I honestly want another pair, so I can some upstairs AND downstairs, they are that good. The built in stands, the calibration, the sound, everything comes together for a dope package.

If you’re looking for a great set of monitors that don’t take up a bunch of space but sound great, give these a listen for sure.

Or go ahead and grab a pair for yourself: http://bit.ly/iLoudMTMMonitors

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