How to save a Maschine kit with its samples


When it comes to Maschine saving kits and samples, I always hear the question of  how to save them so you can move them between machines or share them with people. Similar to the mpc pgm format, which allowed you to easily create and share kits.

Sorta like how Kontakt’s nki format or Battery kit format is, but unlike those programs….. maschine doesn’t have a way to save the kit with it’s sounds. Well, there is no “export or save with samples” for kits and sounds or the ability to save monolith files. Basically Maschine kits reference the sounds as they sit on your computer, which is cool, until you decide you want to move some kits to another machine.

Being able to quickly save kits with the samples so you can move provides multiple benefits for the community, as well as the ability for sample companies to provide their kits in an auto-loadable format for the ever expanding community of Maschine users.

In this tutorial video I wanted to share with Maschine users worldwide in hopes that people see there is an easier way than saving the project with samples or trying to export your database just so you can move kits between maschines.

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How to save a Maschine kit with its samples
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  1. Nice video Joe! Is there a way to do this if you chop a sample up and try to save it as a kit? I have the same problem constantly. I’ll chop a drum break up on different pads and then go to save it as a kit. It seems fine but when I try to reload it, it can’t find the samples. I can find it if I search for it manually but even though they are in that folder it’s like Maschine can’t see the files. Any ideas?

    • @Mannas, yes, it will work the same way, as long as you save the file to the same folder that you chopped the break in. So if you have some breaks in a folder, load one up, chop it, save the kit to that folder instead of the maschine library folder, and it will reload! Love it man!

  2. Good Video Bruh, I think everybody needed this one St. J. Oh yeah, and I wanted to say thanks, you’re doing a great job. So well in fact that I just bought Razor on the strength of your presentation. Appreciate you kin.

    • @Jakeel01, thanks fam, yeah i was pretty excited about it. I still want to see a traditional “export kit with samples” for when building samples with sounds from various folders and locations, but this is cool when you’re working from a common folder with sounds, even if they are in different folders inside a larger folder (like mine) you can still move your sample library around without missing a beat. Thanks for the support as always fam.

  3. Hey saint joe,

    i was just wondering say i have a Drum kit with 4 sub folders inside
    Drum kit

    if i select sounds from different parts of this kit and save the kit the same way, will it still work. Or does it only work when all the sounds are in the same folder?

  4. so essentially, in addition to sending my buddy the kit that i created….would i also have to send him the original folder that includes the sounds which i created the kit from


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