How to pitch a sample across your keyboard in Battery 4


I just received a question on how to pitch your samples so you can play them at different tunning across your keyboard or pad controller in Battery 4.

This is just a really quick video in response. It’s really simple to do.  Of course if you have any more questions just let me know.


    • this is just for midi triggering, not the actual key/tune of the sample, you can put it wherever you want. It will already be on a specific key by default when you drop it in, which will show in the keyrange box.

  1. Hey Saint Joe, I have a sample I believe I did in Battery or Absynth years ago and I forget how I did it.
    If I post a sample, do you think you could maybe point me in the right direction on a sound to start with? I believe I used a Snare Drum and used a lower key so it pitched it very low. Thanks

  2. How do I pitch a sample in Battery 4 so it pitches UP and DOWN the keyboard? Maybe having the sample on C3? That way it pitches evenly up and down to C0 -C5?


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