Hip Hop Genetics royalty free underground hip hop samples


I know it’s been a minute since we reviewed anything from Motion Samples but it’s that time again.

Today I’m checking out something that is sure to spark some interest among the underground, organic, hip hop lovers.

I’m talking about Hip Hop Genetics…let’s see whasup

Back to the foundations with Hip Hop Genetics

No matter who you are, if you’re producing any type of hip hop or urban music then you know it most definitely started out with the sample.

Taking small bits and pieces from here or there and creating something new.

We’re not just talking about the popular soul music sampling either, that’s only one style of sample based music.

Today I’m talking about that old school…

take a 1 second horn from here, mix it with a 5 second piano from there, glaze it up with some strings from an opera record…well….. you get me.

Hip Hop Genetics is a multi sample collection based on classic underground hip hop sounds.

Organs, farfisa, piano, harpsichords, rhodes, glockenspiel, classic guitars, basses and strings all layerd, mashed and mixed to have that “straight from the crates” sound.

Quick Specs

  • Content: 350 multi samples
  • Format: Wave
  • Price: $50

So how does it sound?


I love how they put stuff together.

Basically, it sounds just like they went in the studio, made some tracks with vintage instruments, recorded it to some warm sounding equipment, then to vinyl, then sampled it and chopped it up for human consumption.

The production style as always, captures the essence of the bits and pieces of sounds and instruments that underground hip hop lovers look for.

Though it has a “vintage” sound, it’s not low in quality at all.

A lot of the samples aren’t full, cut off in weird places…and aren’t full loops, just the type of stuff you’d expect to find when digging on your own.

So what’s the final verdict on this one?

It’s a great collection, I really like how each one of their sample packs really lives up to it’s name/target. Β If it’s soul samples, then they sound authentic, club/pop synths….sound like they should. Β And underground gutter nuggets sound just like the thrift store, swamp meet, back-alley crates you’d go looking for them in.

I give this a 4 out of 5 subs, it’s a very solid collection.

Like SoulTown vol 1, I’d like to have seen a few more longer samples for chopping…BUT, since this is aiming to capture that underground sound, I think they did a good job with the small bits and awkward measures….

it really challenges your creativity, just like pullin those treasures from your classic record collection.

Not everyone likes that underground sound, some are looking for something more “current” or “radio ready” but for those that still love and can’t get away from that classic, neck snap…boom bap music, definitely check this out.

Get that classic sampled sound…without having to deal with the pain of royalties and sample clearance….

Check em out in the Motion Samples Store

as usual, leave a comment below, let me know what you think.


  1. Yo SaintJoe,

    NIce work as usual. I found this collection to be interesting? Made me think it would be kinda fun poking through these and trying to make something out of it? Not my usual style, but that might be part of the fun?

    Good Look though!


  2. Nice sounds. I was checking the demo last week but opted for some other sample cds from Motion Samples like SoulTown & Boombonix (really nice bassy samples on that one). After hearing you mess around with the sounds from Hip Hop Genetics I think I might buy that too. I like a lot of the sounds you went through on the CD that I can work with. Thanks for previewing man.

  3. I love how consistently musical the Motion stuff is. I bet somebody doing a more ‘now’ kinda sound could flip these too, I could picture these with fizzy synths and busier drums as well as straight boom bap. Solid sounds.

    • Oh yeah, you can def do a “now” sound…no question about it. I just think they were created with a “classic vibe” yet, the quality and production makes them “now ready” lol.

      they are versatile, yet still give you that throw back feel

  4. I like what I’m hearing, thanks for the review. I’d like to cosign an earlier post that some of the younger/current generations looking to get involved in Hip-Hop should (as Paul Mooney says “know your history”) do some digging and learn the craft. Technological advances aside, it’s become far too easy for uh-um..garbage to get air play these days all because it’s fashionable. Everybody’s got a lil’ light under the sun, but those talented few should be given their share of shine (i.e. Boondoc, SJ, etc.)
    This review reminds me of that enjoyable sore neck after leaning over record bins and losing track of time at the mom & pop shops. Ahh, man I remember when I came across the Dusty Fingers collection, I was like h.s. kid getting his 1st “piece” (I digress) but this reviewed collection has similar potential in the right hands.
    So all I say…keep diggin’ & keep those fingers dusty…Peace.

    • Hahahaha lol, I hear ya fam. But I’m sure those before “our time” said the same thing…”these youngins need to learn how to play instruments instead of just pushing buttons on beat boxes and samplers” lol

      I say, if a person is able to express themselves musically, however they can, it’s a good thing.

      The junk that gets on the airwaves, specifically radio etc, isn’t the fault of anyone but the folks in charge of the media. People will make what gets them paid, so when labels ask for specific stuff, it gets made.

      I feel ya man, I know all about the thrift store, garage sale, back room crate diggin lol.

  5. Im felling this Saint I’ll grab it up. I like the fact that you use different sounds other than the ones on their(samplemotions) Demo. Its gives us a better feel for what other samples are on the disc,cool. Keep doing the damn thang Bro !!! One.

  6. Yo I really like this sample kit. Nice clean and I caught a vibe of a couple of the joints you were going through. Yep gotta get this one! Thanx again homie for the hot reviews!

  7. Beat you made is sick! Crazy! Dude you don’t got any placements yet? Let’s collab on some stuff. Shoot me some drums and let me get crazy with the keys on it. LOL…

    • thanks for checkin it fam!

      I’m not looking for any placements really…I got bored making tracks for folks, I’d rather just have fun making music, maybe get into licensing for tv/media and such…not really looking to make tracks for artists anymore.

  8. OK Joe, First off I would have to say I really like the feel of Hip Hop Genetics and where they are going with this joint. Let me point out that I really don’t consider it just classic sounds but the process of capturing authentic mature tones laced with sickness.

    Who can’t love that? I know I can appreciate real can’t all you guys? So for this one guys I will have to say Big Joe has gave us a joint to really lace out something tight but it is on you guys if you are going to use that joint right.

    Remember you can make tight beats with any sounds if you have a stupid ear but if you don’t then well I think you know the rest right? LOL

    Well done Joe!! Send some people over to DerekBingham.com so I can show your people how to make money and pay for these hits your pumping out! LOVING THIS SITE!!! THE BEST SOUND SITE PERIOD!!! Proud of you DAWG!!

  9. Hy, you really done a good job there, im impresed. I need some help also :D, i need to make or fiind that oldschool drums like KRS, WuTang, Premier, maybe you can help me. Keep up the good job. Peace


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