Maschine Packs: Native Instruments Helios Ray Review


NI_helios_rayIf you’re into downtempo, chilled-out hip hop then this official expansion from Native Instruments is one to checkout.

This expansion is full of hard hitting urban kits, some classic analog drum samples, raw vinyl kits, high quality percussion,  and some very smooth melodic kits.

The melodic kits include a lot of smooth guitar and ep chords, licks, and riffs.

They also threw in some MASSIVE presets that add a nice electronic vibe with smooth pads, deep bass, and slick leads.

Overall this is a nice genre-bending expansion as it covers many styles such as urban, hip hop, rnb, house, downtempo, chillout, and electronic.

If you dig hard drums with smooth samples and deep bass, give this one a listen. This is easily one of my favorite Maschine expansions from NI

Quick Specs


  1. I like this pack. I hope NI has another MP sale like last years 9 pack bundle for $99 bucks. What does this make no 14 expansion packs? Thanks for this

  2. Hey I just brought this, it has a real smooth jazzy underground smoky café feel to it. I love it if you want get away from the noisy soulless mainstream sound this is the expansion for you. btw I also brought the Conant garden expansion By NI as well, these two compliment each other very well.


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