Heavyocity DAMAGE from Native Instruments review


Yo what’s up fam!

Back with a brand new library from some of my favorite folks.

It’s from Heavyocity, who made some very dope products with the Evolve and Evolve Mutations library

It’s distributed by Native Instruments, so it works in the Kontakt Player or full verison of Kontakt

This is a huge percussion library….so let’s check it out

What is DAMAGE?

This is basically a percussive toolkit made for epic cinematic music, trailers, movies, games,

or any music that needs a heavy dose of hard percussion

It is a Kontakt library, with a great interface that inspires you to tweak…pretty much like the other products from Heavyocity

Now of course the guys over at Heavyocity are film/cinematic dudes…they actually do score movies, trailers, and all that other stuff.

So you can pretty much assume this library will definitely have that sort of “edge” to it….but this is definitely not a one trick pony…it’s really diverse.

Quick Specs

  • content: 30GB
  • format: Kontakt 5 or Kontakt 5 Player
  • price: $339

How does it sound?

This library sounds amazing man! I know personally, I figured it would be just a huge collection of distorted hits and percs that sound good but aren’t very flexible…even with the great interface.

I was totally wrong!

Yes, there is some super distorted, trashed, messed up…smack your grandma in the face while she’s on the treadmill type sounds in here.

However…there are also some really well recorded percussion sounds, that are not distorted at all (unless you want to “punish” them yourself)

That makes this a VERY flexible library in my opinion.

Sure it doesn’t have every type of percussion here, but it covers a pretty wide range to the point that….this will be a standard for percussive libraries for sure.

The metals and fx are great as well. I just can’t get over the quality of the recordings, even the distorted stuff has a super high quality about it…great

What’s the bottom line?

Get it, no seriously. If you make any type of music that needs hard hitting, well recorded percussion…get this

As you can tell by the video, I REALLY enjoy this library….so much that I got a little carried away just playing with it.

I give this library 5 out of 5 subs, no question…

Maybe I’m biased because I love hard, epic percussion sounds….or maybe I’m biased because I love the stuff that Heavyocity does.

Or maybe…it’s just that freaking dope! Yeah…that’s it…it’s just that freaking dope!!

I’ve got a few epic/cinematic percussion libraries, and most are really good, but this one raises the bar tremendously.

Not only do you get the HUGE and HARD hits, but you also get some veryย pristineย “general” percussion and drums.

My favorite part of the library by far are the percussive kits, I love how you can move them around the stage, and change the EQ/Filter for each drum in a kit.

Talk about flexability!

Come on man…do I really need to keep talking about this? Isn’t it pretty clear, just listen to the demos, watch the video and then go get it, simple.

If you’re into movies/games…this is a no brainer.

If you do any type of urban/electronic music….again…this fits in there as well.

Check the videos and demos on the Native Instruments site:ย http://www.native-instruments.com/#/de/products/producer/powered-by-kontakt/damage/

leave me a comment below, let me know what you think


  1. Great review saint..this library of this instrument is really amazing. I can even see my self use samples of the library in my live mixes just to freak pip’s out.

  2. SJ,Thanks for bringing this one to us to view. This is a nice release and definitely one I will look into further. Another great review from “S&G”.com.

  3. i dont have this yet, but im gonna get it. i aint too familiar with all that this and the maschine can do, but ive been really gettin the hang of the maschine. my question is, how do u use this and the maschine together? like i can make my beat on the maschine and put stuff from damage on it? not sure if i asked that right. i want to be able to use damage sequenced in specific scenes as if recorded like a seperate pattern on the maschine. thanks.

  4. Lol that’s a burrito in the bank! Lol

    Nah seriously, SJ didn’t put me up to that and I get nothing from promoting it. I’m just a member myself and I remain a member because it is a great place to go to learn. Just dont be a tool…I might shun you lol

  5. such an amazing product. I picked it up as well and have to say I am blown away with it! really really amazing and USEABLE!!! just a phenomenal product.

  6. I just picked this up. I produce techno and other random electronic stuff…. Can’t wait till she arrives. I’m HUGE on percussion and think this will next step the ease of production in my studio. Stoked to hear what I can do with this!!!

  7. I have never done music befor ex chello for 3 years do i need any hardware for this softwere? or will be getting like a mpc 5000 i just herd about and can i use just the softwere on my comp alone?

  8. Thanks for the review. I think that the examples on the NI site don’t do this library justice. After watching you’re review I’ll definitely be picking this up.

  9. Love Heavocity! I own Evolve mutations 1 & 2 and I now own Damage too! The quality of these packages is second to none! If you want cinematic drums and FX, get them!!!

  10. Hey saintjoe or any of you guys who are experienced in these things. Im total beginner at soft music more less. Mainly making music with instruments with various effects and so on, but i would like to produce some great dark devastating songs using programs like Damage, Dark planet and so on, im very impressed by its sounds. Have done some stuff years ago using some music softs, but never used full capacity of those programs. What do i need to run these program in full force? Can manage just on computer, or will miss some synths or work stations anyway?

    • Yeah you can do it all on your computer as long as you have a DAW that can run the plugins you’re good. Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Ableton, Studio One, Sonar, or even something like Maschine will handle it.

  11. Ok,i have Cubase 5, but havent used yet, cause i just got it for i want to use Dark planet on it, then i found Damage,so can i use them at same time in Cubase for example? Just expand library of Cubase by infiltrating of Damage and Dark planet sounds, then i have them inside and use them all the time by running Cubase right? I have to learn everything from very beginning, how to do things,what individual names for functions means and so on..uff that will be masochistic period but result will be certainly delicious :))) Do you have any suggest where i could find the good lessons for beginners useful for this stuff?
    Thanx a lot!!

    • Yeah you can load up Damage as a plugin in Cubase by using the Kontakt player it runs in. So you would open Kontakt as an instrument and DAMAGE would be inside of there as one if it’s libraries ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I dont have Kontakt player yet, not Damage either, but im definitely going to get it. Kontakt i can get free from net right? Then i install it and get Damage into it, so it will distributes Damage inside Cubase right? Never done it before, so sorry that i appear so retarded.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Yeah Kontakt player is free, you get it when you purchase Damage or you can just download it from NI. It will not distribute it in Cubase, it will show up as a library inside of Kontakt so when you open Kontakt you can access all of the sounds ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Kontakt Player is free, the full verison of Kontakt is not. But for products like Damage and others that license the Kontakt Player, all you need is the player to use them ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Yes, sorry i understood it, but expressed it wrong..I have to open Damage with Kontakt and import it to Cubase so iยดll see Kontakt in Cubase and open library inside Kontakt yeah..And is it same with Dark planet?
    Many thx for your assistance its very helpfull

  14. Yes i know, but can use it at same time, kinda same way in Cubase right? Just loading in Cubase library, can combine sounds of Dark planet and Damage libraries correct? Just dont have to use any supporting program for use Dark planet in Cubase, like must be used for Damage..

  15. Great,thank you so far for your effort. Im looking forward to it,, I think iยดll come back to you when i start to use it and wont understand it.. ๐Ÿ˜€


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