Guess the synth Saw edition Korg Monotron Duo Winner Announced


Hey yall, so thanks again to everyone that participated, this was really fun!

Loved some of the answers and the thought process behind them, even the guys that were having a little joke during the contest 😉

Again, my reason for doing this is to show that even if there are synths that have similar features, each seems to have it’s own characteristic, which is why I like different synthesizers.

None of the synthesizer companies sponsored this contest, it was just something fun I wanted to do for you all since you support the site and what I do so consistently.

So congrats to the winner, make sure you use the contact form to get in touch with your mailing information so I can send out your brand new Korg Monotron Duo analog ribbon synthesizer!

till next time!


  1. Different synths sure do have different characteristics. I owned a Korg MS-10 in the early 80’s (yes, I’m OLD) and have never stopped kicking myself for selling it, it made INCREDIBLE sounds like no other synth! Anyway, great fun contest, love your site!

  2. Wow! I actually won. That’s amazing! I have been told I have a very good ear but in this instance I simply worked out the combination of answers for the four synths that had not already been guessed. Logical but simple.
    Many thanks to Saintjoe it was fun.
    Kind regards,
    London, UK


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