Going Modular: Checking Out Softube Modular Software


softube_modularAre you interested in modular synthesis, but not quite sure you want to dive into the hardware yet?

Softube has a modular software that may be what you’re looking for.

They worked with some great companies in the industry to model their actual hardware modules…Intellijel and Doepfer.

So you know the sound is there, but what about the functionality? How much does it cost, and how fun is it to use?

My own opinion is that it sounds great, but I found some functionality to be lacking. Mainly being able to quickly move modules around within the software, and the fact that the preset browser isn’t built into the software itself.

You have to browse from your daw preset manager. Not the end of the world but you know…I’m lazy lol.

Also, depending on how many add ons they start doing, it can get a little expensive to keep buying single modules or packs….that’s money I could put into my hardware rack!

However, for some people this may be exactly what you’re looking for. It gives you a great sound with modular flexibility which tightly integrates with your current software setup.

Personally for me, I just miss the hardware aspect of why I enjoy modular in the first place. Sure, I could probably recreate the sound in other ways, but it’s the way you can interact with the hardware that encourages experimentation and exploration, plus it’s just more fun!

You should still checkout the demo if you’re interested in this sort of synthesis…as for me…I’ll stick to my hardware for now πŸ™‚

Check it out: http://www.softube.com/index.php?id=modular

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!


  1. I have tried the demo of Softtube Modular and for me Reaktor Blocks is a much better option. The sound quality is better, the presets that some with it are superb, and the variety of ‘modules’ is much wider. Plus the fact that there are loads of brilliant ‘free’ uploads in the Reaktor User Library make Blocks a winner imho. Yes, you don’t get the visible ‘wires’ on the Panel like you do with Softie, but you get loads more for your bucks and Blocks use up less CPU.

    • I hear ya. The sound is subjective, I think Softube sounds great. I’m huge on interface and I just don’t like the way you have to patch in Reaktor, but it’s definitely much
      more flexible indeed.


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