Get Native Instruments KORE for FREE! Lemme Show You How.


Okay, so you may know by now that I am documenting my journey to getting an openlabs MiKo LX5, so…I have started to pick out the software I plan to use on it.

I am installing it on my laptop to get used to it . No, that doesn’t make me crazy at all, who told you that?


I love to look for good free vst synths and such man, it’s the bargain hunter in me!

nativeinstrumentskoreBut, I’ve learned that all synths and vsts are NOT created equal and many of the free ones suck donkey balls.

One of the dope ones though, is Native Instruments KORE.

Basically, KORE has the sound engines from all of Native Instruments big boy plugins like Absynth, FM8, Reaktor, and others.

Then, they created presets for it by using they engines together. They even released a little hardware controller for it.

Funk DAT!

Get Native Instruments KORE for FREE

What I found out is that they have a free version of the player, it’s totally free, comes with like 200 sounds AND you can buy new expansion packs for it.


I was gonna get the individual instruments, but I said funk it yo, I’m using this here!

I can get new sounds from the other synths for around 40-120 bucks, just by getting the expansion packs.

Man, what u know bout dat!

Step ya game up and get some!

I’m tellin you man, go download KORE Player and then look at the KORE Soundpacks. Them joints is actually dope man, and a great way to build up a nice sound library.

It’s free, you need this in ya life, it will make you feel warm and fuzzy…

Trust me.

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