Friday Freebie: Fluffy Audio AURORROR Hybrid Cinematic Horror Instrument


Friday Freebie Criteria

  • Free: I highlight quality sounds, fx, kits, and plugins that you can legally download for free!
  • Quality: I have no desire to show every free product out there, this is still my personal opinion and I want to show things that are commercial quality in terms of sound and usefulness.
  • Legal: I’m against pirating and figured this is a way I can help musicians get away from using pirated/stolen products, while also showing useful products that aren’t budget dependent.

 Why I think AURORROR is worth checking out

aurorrorThis is a really cool product with a great interface, plenty of content to be creative, and great sound quality. I definitely feel they could sell a product like this, even though it has signifigantly less content than the full AURORA, it still contains plenty of useful material to keep you happy.

Make no mistake, this is a commercial interface and the main difference between this and the full version is the amount of content.

Kudos to Fluffy Audio for creating such a useful freebie as a teaser of their quality and product design philosophy!

Quick Specs

If you’re looking for some new inspiration go on over and check it out!

Leave a comment below, let me know what you think.

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