Freshtone Lost Tapes Vol 2 review


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Back with a review of the latest “Lost Tape” series from Freshtone available directly through Time Space

Let’s just jump into it!

So what is Lost Tapes Vol 2?

lost_tapes_2It’s another huge collection of organic vintage soul and funk samples, breaks, fills, loops, and riffs, that capture the live classic feel of music played by bands and recorded with vintage gear.

It’s a sample digger’s dream, and if you’re looking to add vintage tracks to your movie score, these guys definitely have you covered as well.

You get full samples, scaled down versions, as well as individual instrument loops and riffs so you have total flexibility.

And the sheer amount of vintage drum breaks is enough reason to grab the library alone!

Quick Specs

How does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderMan Freshtone knows how to capture that classic vibe many of us love to sample!

It doesn’t sound like “samples made for sampling” it just sounds like a really great vintage band got together and started recording music.

Not sure if you get what I’m saying but, they feel like songs, not loops made for sampling, the way the parts are played, the riffs, the change ups, and the style just has a natural feel.

And the sound, well it captures the warmth, grit, and organic goodness that many of us look for when sampling old music.

The great part is that it’s royalty free, so you can chop, loop, slice, reverse, and anything else you feel without worrying about copyright issues.

The sound of the instruments are great, and going back to the band theme, you can tell that each person knows the instrument they are playing and each instrument is recorded in the best way for capturing that particular instrument to give it the proper feel.

Oh and the drums….my goodness…you could literally build your entire drum library off of these breaks and be fine for ages….yes I play to spend some time chopping and making kits out of these breaks, not to mention the percussion too!

So what’s the bottom line?

Do you like to sample? Get it!

Do you like great funk and soul music? Get it!

Are you looking to add an authentic vintage vibe to your projects? GET THIS!

I’m sure it’s evident by now, but I dig it…I dig it alot.

5subsI give this second volume of Lost Tapes 5 out of 5 subs, it oozes vintage soul, with a super large dose of quality drum breaks and authentic instrument riffs to keep you busy for ages

Just go check it out, seriously, it’s great and the price is crazy too…they could easily charge more for this content.

Oh yeah, and just to wet your appetite, download the free demo pack:  Lost Tapes 2 demo pack

Go on over there and check it out for yourself:

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

Freshtone Lost Tapes Vol 2 review
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