Freshtone Lost Tapes Vol 1 – Funk and Soul samples review



I hope everyone who celebrates it had a great Thanksgiving last week!

We back with another Big Fish Friday…and today we diggin deep into the sooooooooooooooul

Freshtone….Lost Tapes Vol 1, let’s go!

So what is Lost Tapes Vol 1?

It’s a long lost stash of classic soul and funk music from the 60s and 70s……

digitized forever so that those of us that love the vintage funk and soul can feed our samplers forever and ever.


it’s a library recorded with vintage instrument, in a vintage style, through a vintage desk, to a vintage tape machine

to give modern day producers, beatmakers, musicians, and sound designers,  access to a truly authentic vintage sound

Quick Specs

  • content: 2.25GB
  • format: rex, acid, wav
  • price: $69.95

How does it sound?

This is all that matters and this joint sounds like a classic.

Seriously, I’m always looking for and getting asked for “samples that sound like old school songs” and this one is by far the most realistic I’ve come across.

Others capture the style for sure, but along with the style, there is an actual “sound” that goes along with the old school soul and funk music.

This is where Lost Tapes Vol 1 stands out. You can hear the old school recording gear, not special fx, but really old school stuff, you know how some old song would get super loud in certain areas almost to distortion….but it still sounds good?

That’s here.

The thickness and space on the drums, the smooth and biting contrast of the keys. Everything in here has that “vibe” that we spend days upon days digging and searching for.

Again, there are a few good libraries that capture the style of the 60s and 70s funk/soul music, but I’ve never heard one like this that actually captures the authentic feel and sound.

The drums alone are worth the price of admission, I’ll be chopping and making kits with this for weeks!

What’s the bottom line?

No long drawn out conclusion here, just go get the dang library!

Seriously, if you like vintage soul and funk, to chop, or use straight up in your music…get it.

The library is deep, plenty here to mess with, and overall it really does have that vintage sound

I give this 5 out of 5 subs, this is a must have for anyone that likes to make music with real authentic vintage edge

Neo Soul, Hip Hop, House, Lounge, Chillout, RnB, Funk, Soul…man, everyone can benefit from this.

Oh yeah…I was totally impressed by the drums, which I’m usually not in a large library, but these are the type of drums we used to have to spend years building up collections from vinyl, 8 tracks and vhs tapes to get.

I also love how the stuff is broken up into folders by sound type and not construciton kits. So I can grab keys, guitars, bass, whatever I wish.

This one is definitely on my “must have” list, I look forward to many more libraries from this company.

Check it out:

What you think?



  1. Thanks for spreading the love with this one. You killing the pockets this week with the Neo Soul joint and now this. Copping this joInt right now.

  2. Man you got a powerful AC Unit, at around 4:16 in the video I was trippin for minute because I heard a big bass drop and I was like they put that kind of bass in there!?! Then I realized you weren’t playing anything. But Anyway that’s a nice sound set.

  3. YOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is right up my alley man I LOVE LOVE LOVE this and im buying it asap!!!!!!!!! Dope beat SJ you went hard on that one, head was noddin the whole time!!! DOPE!!!!!

  4. Man, I was trying to forget about this pack (need money to eat) but now I’ve got to buy it 🙂
    One thing, you say there’s no construction kits in it, but I’m sure they’re talking about construction kits in their youtube video.


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