Fluxwithit.com sound design, samples, and tutorials


Hey what’s good fam! Hope all is well with ya!

As you know, from time to time I come across various websites to share with you that I think you’d enjoy. This one is from my buddy Flux, it’s called Fluxwithit.com

If any of you have watched his videos before you know he’s into all kinds of sound design and experimentation as well as general music creation and technology.

He’s got a new site where he’s posting some in depth articles on sound design, things like latency testing, as well as where he previews and sells his own sound expansions for Maschine as well as other gear.

Checkout this short video, then go on over and subscribe to his newsletter. Also make sure you check out his series on creating your own sounds.



  1. Flux is awesome. He’s always very helpful, positive, and makes some ridiculous beats. He’s been a great help to me, and his dystopia pack is righteous!!!


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