Fixed Noise Rhythm Objekt instrument by Jimmy Edgar


Whatsup! It’s time for another dose of Big Fish and today we are checking out an instrument from Fixed Noised.

This is an electro, urban, experimental, minimal styled instrument… so let’s check it out

What is Rhythm Objekt?

This is a Kontakt Player instrument that contains 4gb of sounds created for use in electro, urban, rnb styled music.

The sounds were all created by Jimmy Edgar, a master when it comes to this hybrid style of soulful electro and urban rnb sounds.

You get sounds in 4 categories, Loops, Chords, Experimental, and Drum Kits.

Now these are not just traditional sounds…

they are  more on the electro side, a lot of chords and hits, as well as some nice stabs and pads.

Quick Specs

  • Content: 4gb of loops, drums, synths and other instruments
  • Format: Kontakt/Kontakt Player
  • Price: $199.99

How does it sound?


Pretty much what you’d expect from an electro/urban focused library.

The sounds are very synth based but also smooth and silky.

I wouldn’t call this an “edgy” instrument, as most of the sounds are more lush but you can definitely find some aggressive sounds in the bunch.

As far as the quality, it’s very well recorded and programmed. Again, the sounds are exactly what you’d expect, smooth chords, weird stabs and hits, with a few processed drums thrown into the mix.

So what’s the bottom line?

I liked it, it wasn’t ground breaking in my mind but it was a good solid collection.

I gave this one a 3.5 out of 5 subs, it’s above average for sure, but I don’t feel it’s ground breaking or standard setting.  It’s  good solid library for the specific style it’s made for, but there are plenty of instruments and libraries that cover this style as well.

The thing that sets it apart from being average is probably the sound quality, they really did some good recording on this.  I wasn’t too excited about the actual graphics on the interface but that’s a minor thing.

I could see myself using this as “hot sauce” on productions….more for the extra hits and layers than as a main compositional tool.

I like the fact that you get the similar style of instruments that you would find in electro/urban loop libraries, but you get the play them yourself instead of chop the loops.

All in all, it’s a good instrument, and if you like these types of sounds you won’t be let down.

check it out over at big fish: fixed noise rhythm objekt

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    • @jAIdON, you see I said the only thing making it above average was the actual sound quality. This isn’t a big fish created product, it’s just one they carry.

      The company is fixed noise…

      I think it’s cool like I said for some sprinkles here and there, definitely not a main instrument at all lol. More like a sound fx box 🙂

  1. I’m not going to say it’s totally unusable its just that the sounds reminds me of the R&B & Funk jams from the early 80’s with all the crazy bleeps & pings and noise they used so if you were trying to reminisce this may be a good library to have. As for myself I would use these sounds because I know I could put them to some use (listen to how Parliament, Cameo, Lakeside, Parlet, Betty Davis, The Art of Noise, Prince, etc) are able to take a bunch of “noise” and combine it with actual music to make something memorable by experimentation.

    I like this instrument but the only issue I have is that I’m not sure if I would want to pay $199 for it…Maybe I’d use one of my GC discounts to buy it or wait to see if this product will have a special pricing for it but at the current price I’d have to pass for now.

    • @madbull1971, yeah man, like I said, you could use it…just not as the “main star” in the production. I would use it as seasoning…but I’m with you, not sure if it’s worth $199 for it! I mean heck, you can get vi one for that price, sometimes less! You can get Kore 2 without the controller for that price!

      It’s good as an additional piece, but def not the main instrument.

  2. Ummm, yeah well…hmmm @ $199 not! Like you mentioned it’s a’ight for a lil’ dab here & there not only that the price detracts from it when comapared to what’s on the market(i.e.FatLoud/SamplifiedSounds, NI Massive/Absynth soundpaks). Just out of curiosity what’s been the lowest rated product review you’ve issued to date? It’s all good though…the world is filled with “the good, the bad & the ugly” reviews like this helps us sort things out before one shells out the cash and then wants to kick themselves in the nads once they get it home and muck around with a product.

    • @jamari, I feel ya man! I think 3.5 is the lowest, I try not to post up “crap” so there’s a lot I never post lol. I try to be helpful and post stuff that I think people can really use….like I said, this could be useful, just a matter of is it worth that price to you? To some it may be….

      NI is really killing with their Kore and Kontakt packs, IK is now got some expansion packs that comes with a free version of sampletank! Right now they are 3 for 1 and it’s only 49 bucks to buy one lol….

  3. I agree with madbull1971 this would useful for old school boogie and italia disco styles. I could see myself using it for euro styled dub (more the sound that predates dubstep) just because the effects kind of put me in that zone.
    But everybody seems to agree this is more sprinkles than ice cream, and the price just kind of re-enforces that feeling. And Joe’s right about VI one it’s been $99 at my local GC for over 2 years now.

    I think that’s the first product demo I saw you do where you didn’t make a beat (haha).

    • @Metatron72, Yeah lol…I usually don’t make a beat with the plugins, just the samples/loops 🙂

      And yeah it can be used for specific styles…I just don’t think it’s thorough enough to be used alone.

    • @Supaman, yeah I get what you saying, thanks for checkin it. It’s a decent instrument, not the greatest, but good for the sounds it has and useful for adding some bits and pieces to a track.

  4. Too Costly and Narrow in a specific style to catch my attention.. Not bad tho.. Saintjoe? I aint see you cut nothing up with it and make a track like you normally do? lol

  5. Ah, I see.. Samples Only.. Gotcha.. Maybe one day you’ll run across some unorthodox samples just like this VST makes.. and then all of us could have the pleasure of seeing you in action with such sounds being used as the “Star” of your production! Then again.. maybe not huh? lol

    Nevertheless, good review, keep em coming…

  6. No Doubt.. Just checked the vid out on my lunch break.. Nice work fam. I’m with you.. I like the challenge myself also with different styles…

    Might need to get my producing muscles up before I’m able to conquer this VST tho lol..


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