Elektron Analog Four Tutorial: Upgrading the OS


Hey what’s good fam!

Recently picked up an Elektron Analog Four, and figured I’d do some videos as I learn about this new synth.

Many say there’s a steep learning curve so I wanted to start with the basics and build up a collection of videos to help people that are new to Elektron or considering their gear.

Of course “learning curve” is subjective, and people connect with instruments in different ways.

I’m just going to share my experience and the stuff I learn about the platform.

I will say I’m already in LOVE with the sound….very organic and almost a “smokey” quality. Dope for pads and atmospheres…which you know I like.

The Analog Four is available at places like Musicians Friend and many other gear stores/sites.


Leave a comment below and tell me what you think about the synth as well as content like this


Elektron Analog Four Tutorial: Upgrading the OS
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