Eareckon EAReverb algorithmic reverb plugin review


What’sup family!

Back today with another FX plugin review

Trying to get into a few more of these as I have different tools I like to use but again, you know my motto.

“It’s gotta be easy to use and it’s gotta sound good”

Today I’m checking out a new reverb plugin from eareckon, you may remember them from the bloxpander vst host review I did a while ago

Anyway, today it’s all about the verb, so let’s see or hear what’s good!

What is EAReverb?

It’s a 100% algorithmic reverb plugin, that means no IR (impulse response) samples at all.

Everything is calculated and created in realtime in conjunction with the sounds you’re putting through it.

One of earackon’s main things when it comes ot plugins is using your ears, so everything was tweaked and calibrated by ear, not so much by formulas and theories.

Quick Specs

  • format: vst and au
  • price: €129 (about $180)

How does it sound?

For me a reverb is all about recreating space and distance, or a certain environment.

One of my main things I look for when using reverb is a natural sound, many times a reverb sounds “too hyped” or un-natural when creating space and thus makes it sometimes unusable.

This reverb sounds natural to me in the way it creates space and I like the various controls you get for adjusting the bounce rate (like sounds bouncing off walls) and such.  Being able to naturally adjust the tail of the reverb also helps dial in exactly what you need.

The way you can quickly adjust the size of the reverb, which also manipulates many other settings behind the scenes, makes it a quick plugin to use to find or create the exact space you need.

Not much to say when it comes to a reverb, either it’s smooth and natural or artificial and metallic sounding, this one is more smooth and natural sounding to me.

So what’s the bottom line?

I don’t need much when it comes to fx, I don’t need a bunch of glitz and flare, just something that works and sounds good when I need it to.

At the same time, I want something with an easy to understand interface so that I can dial in what I want quickly, that also allows for deeper editing if I’m feeling adventurous!

I feel EAReverb accomplishes this properly. It has the right mixture of ease of use and great sound that makes it a nice tool to have.

I also love the fact that it’s low on the cpu, many reverbs hog the cpu like crazy.

I give this reverb 4 out of 5 subs, really smooth and natural sound with a clean, usable interface.

I’m looking forward to more fx from eareckon, if this reverb is any indication of functionality and usefulness then I expect more goodies.

Go on over and watch some of the demo videos and even download the demo to try it out for yourself.

Eareckon EAReverb product page

leave a comment below and let me know what you think!


  1. Thanks for the review. A question, would be possible to create a sort of comparison chart? I really don’t know anything about effects, so would be useful to have an unbiased reference to check out. I mean when you check web pages all products says “this is the best of..whatever”, so you don’t have a real clue.

    • @Mean Gene, lol ahahahaha, don’t blame the vendors cuz Mac was late to the 64 bit party 😉

      Gotta remember 64 bit windows has been around and mainstream for a lot longer than 64 bit mac os/hosts 🙂


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