E-MU Proteus VX plugin for FREE


download-proteus-vx-for-freeOkay, this is NOT new, but it’s worth mentioning. Β The proteus vx softsynth from Emu is free.

It used to come only with their hardware tools, but now you can download it free.

Yo, this is a freaking rompler, period, and Emu was pretty hardcore with their software.

I had quite a few emu products and you’ll be hard pressed to find a producer that doesn’t have at least on of their modules in the studio.

But funk it! Get this joint right here for free.

It comes with the v2 composer bank, which is their general purpose bank from the proteus 2000 and has over 1000 presets.

Look, even if you’re on a budget, you can still have some hot sounds man!

It uses the architecture from their EMU Proteus X2 Software Sound Module and can load any x2 sound libraries that don’t use disc streaming.

I have it, got to love it!

Don’t expect me to list every free vst out there, because a lot are pure TRASH.

But, just like the KORE Player, this one is something you MUST have.

It’s definitely a quality instrument, I love free stuff like this yo!

get the proteus vx download and quit playin lol.



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