DRUMASONIC Acoustic Drum Kontakt library review


Yo what’s good fam, back with another review for ya.

This is a new company I recently found out about, they have a new drum kit for kontakt/kontakt player.

It’s called DRUMASONIC and it has come pretty cool features.

So let’s check it out!


In short, it’s a dedicated modern acoustic drum kit for Kontakt and Kontakt player users.

It has a customized interface that allows you tons of control over the sound of the kit.

You get control over various mics, the mic levels, tunning, velocity

It’s a straight forward, flexible acoustic drum kit that’s easy to customize

It also allows you to control tons of mics including 5.0 surround, close, room, trash, bass inside/outside, snare top/bottom, etc.


Quick Specs

  • content: 3.5GB
  • format: kontakt 4, kontakt 4 player
  • price: 99 euro (about $142)

How does it sound?

I really dig the sound of these drums, moreso, I dig how easy it is to tweak them.

You can quickly adjust the close mic to add more snap/presence or adjust the room mics to give it more space.

You can do this for each individual drum, and also all drums together.

You can go in and adjust the tuning for each drum, and if you wish, you can send each mic to it’s own output in Kontakt.

I’m a huge fan of usable interfaces, this one is simple enough to understand yet powerful enough to really allow deep customization of your kit.

The snare resonance control is a gem for me, it adds snap to my snares but it’s also useful when tweaking other mics/sounds.

I also like that some of the sounds have different samples, so you can change the snare, hat, cymbal, etc.

So what’s the bottom line?

There’s a lot of different drum libraries, some very deep some not deep enough, I feel DRUMASONIC gets the balance of usability and sound quality just right.

It’s not too huge that it takes forever to load, it doesn’t use a bunch of effects so that it overpowers your cpu, yet it’s flexible enough to tweak and get the sound you want.

I give this library 4.5 out of 5 subs, I really dig it and I’m looking forward to seeing how they continue to expand on it.

I would like to see them add a few more bass drum samples like they did with the snares and such, maybe a built in control like the snare resonance for the bass to help enhance the “boom” in a natural way.

Overall I definitely dig this library, it’s really easy to use and encourages customization with the interface. I can quickly dial in exactly the sound I need.

Listen to the demos and check it out over at their website: http://drumasonic.com





  1. pretty dope! Just curious have you ever messed with the Abbey Road drums? I like this interface a lil bit more – seems easy to move thru…thanks for the review.

    • @Rob, I haven’t played with AR drums much, I got the free one that they gave with komplete elements to all maschine users, but haven’t done much with it since it’s on my laptop, may have to check it out.

  2. I like the sound from it. However I don’t know about the BFB (bang-for-buck) ratio when compared to similar offerings from XLN and Toontrack (granted just slightly higher-FXpansion is left out due to cost comparison unless you count ECO). That’s not to say it’s not a worthy purchase for someone, it’s just how I think sometimes when impulse-buying tempts me. What’s your take on that comparison roster?

    • @jamari, I don’t know what XLN is, and toontrack is more of a virtual drummer in my opinion. I like this one because it’s pretty much just a straight forward drum kit, no built in grooves/drumming, etc. Just a good sounding kit that’s tweakable.

      I own FXpansion both bfd and eco, and LOVE them, but I see this as something a bit different. More simple, yet flexible. In the end it depends on what you’re looking for. A lot of the sound quality in some of the other plugins comes from their use of built in fx, which are great, but tax the cpu. If you just want a good, light, acoustic kit that you can tweak, I’d def look at this. I wouldn’t compare it to something like bfd, or ezdrummer personally.

      • @saintjoe, I was referring to XLN Audio Addictive Drums my bad for using a confusing abbreviation. Thanks for the insight, I get your point on cpu resources and all. I will say this though I’ve been turning to Tea Towel drums on a weekly basis since you’ve put me on to it.

        • @jamari, yeah, this is something in the similar vein of TTD but of course more robust. I wouldn’t consider that or this a comparison for something like ez drummer, addictive drums, bfd, etc.

  3. saintjoe once again has put together another great video. I do like the ability to have complete control of your drums. I don’t know if I would have purchased this product w/o the review. Drumasonic will not be for
    everyone…but I still appreciated the video.

    • @Baddboy2000, you’re exactly correct, just like everything I review, it’s not for everyone.

      I just try to showcase some of the stuff I think is dope! Of course I don’t expect everyone to like everything I post, but my goal is to have a deep archive of good products so folks can easily find something that fits their style/workflow!

      Thanks for the comment as always! I think the control is dope in this one!

  4. Sounds good but with XLN and Abbey Road 60’s & 70″s & Tea Towel which was a good call on your part I’ll have to put it off. Bro you find great stuff though I really appreciate it!

  5. Sounds good bro. I like the control of the mics although I have BFD ECO then I brought BFD full version for more features. Not comparing this to BFD because it sounds good for what it does Who knows I may buy it anyway in the future.

    • @Madbull Studios, no doubt. I have both versions of BFD too, love them, but this has something unique in it’s own way. I really dig how immediate and simple it is. The mic settings are dope, and it’s quick to tweak without having to worry about fx. Not that I have any problems with cpu power or anything, but still, sometimes you just need a simple kit that you can tweak quickly.


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