Maschine Packs: Loop Loft Doug Wamble Slide Guitar Review


doug_wamble_slide_guitar_maschineSometimes you just need a quick dose of guitar sounds, and The Loop Loft may have you covered.

In this small Maschine kit, you get hand picked samples from their larger library of professionally played slide guitar samples.

So if you’ve ever wanted to get your slide on, or you just need something a little different this one may be for you.

The guitar samples are well recorded, as usual from The Loop Loft.

There is a nice mix of smaller riffs, single notes, and slides to give you a surprising variety in such a small pack.

And hey, if you like it, they have a much larger collection where this came from!

Quick Specs


  1. hey Joe can I ask you something please? the slide guitar or an almost dobro sound-what do you think that is good for or best for in what kind of music?if that makes sense. thank you..

  2. hey Joe thanks alot. I asked because I was trying to figure if there was a way to mix slide or dobro,when making a beat, not really a straight blues song though.thank you very much for the answer..I was wondering about that before I seen this video thanks..

  3. lol no im sorry I meant I wanted to make a beat that wasn’t just a straight blues song.I wasn’t talking about your sound test,but that sound test did sound alittle country.thanks again


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