Demo: Native Instruments REPLIKA Delay Effect Plugin Free Download


Hey what’s good fam?

Just a quick video to show you the new delay plugin from Native Instruments called REPLIKA.

They are giving it away for the holidays, along with some remix sets and a $25 e-voucher.

The delay sounds great, and the interface is nice and clean with plenty of control.

Definitely check it out and download it, it runs in all major hosts.

Did I mention it’s free?

REPLIKA Download:

The full holiday promo is here:

Let me know what you think



  1. having trouble with machine 2.2 when I click on it and after it scans and loads the GUI is blank it looks like I can see two headers with File Edit View and excetera and it takes a while to load up when I go to uninstall programs I don’t see machine 2.2 to uninstall so what should I do.need your help Saint Joe.

    • Never heard of that before, I’d try installing it again. If it still happens I’d submit a ticket to NI, they have an uninstaller program for their apps I believe that they could give you to remove it completely and start again.

  2. SJ: Thanks for the demonstration. I actually got this (by email) the other day and never got a chance to install and experiment. From your video,I better get things up & running. Another “Great” video from S&


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