Creating an instrument from scratch in Ableton Live


So, when you have a website related to audio you come across or get introduced to quite a few people, some with ok content, and some with great content.

You never really know until you spend a little bit of time checking out some of their posts and articles, from various periods from their first stuff to the most current.

I say that to say this, Keith runs the website called everythingableton and as you can guess, it’s all about Ableton Live

He has some really interesting articles there, and I wanted to share one of them with you…well, actually two of them.

He’s put together a two part tutorial on how to make your own sounds in ableton using the simpler instrument!

Creating a Live instrument from scratch part-1


Creating a Live instrument from scratch part-2

If you use ableton, check this out…if you don’t use ableton check this out…

No matter what you’re doing, take the time to check this out, because the concepts can be applied to any sampler/software really.

leave a comment below, let me know what ya think…and make sure you go over and show some love to Keith, leave him some comments and let him know he’s doing a great job!

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  1. Thanks, that was an interesting read. It’s a never ending journey..this music thing. Articles like these are what keeps me inspired to learn to become more “creatively-efficient” with items like Massive & Absynth. Sometimes if you take the time to look a little deeper you may realize that you already have the all tools that you need, granted SubBoomBass is a lovely quick fix when you don’t want to o.d. on tweaking Massive. M-Audio once published some dvd’s/books on synthesis programing and sound creation which I found fairly informative for a novice like myself.

    • @jamari, yeah man! You really can go deep with most synths and programs these days, I know everyone doesn’t like to do that though, so it’s good to have options. But I like both, presets and creating new sounds…so it’s all good!


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