Comparison: Akai Advance vs Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol Keyboard


I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how these two keyboards compare and after using both for a good while I wanted to share my thoughts.

Both allow you to control your plugins, both offer some sort of integration, and with the latest update to NI Kontrol, both work with third party plugins (one more than the other).

So I just wanted to share my thoughts on the similarities and differences, as well as which one you may prefer based on how you work.

I also share which one I’d pick if I have to choose one, and why.

Let me know what you think below, do you use either? Do you prefer something completely different? What do you think they need to improve?



    • Not quite sure what that means….as someone who owns both lol (NI/Akai and Mac/PC). Unless you mean you’re paying more for NI (name) when you can get something way more powerful and flexible for less money (Akai) hahahaha lol.

  1. Ooooweee!!! I like this new Saintjoe. Pushtorials, Product comparisons, dang.
    Man, this review right here gets 5 out 5 subs. Dude you’re on point and then some. I felt this review covered everything I wanted to know about both products.

    On a side note I see where John was going with the Mac vs PC, because this was an Akai vs N.I. Controller comparison. Keep’em coming I bet this will wake up the music product industry. Maybe now they’ll quit bs on the features and start making a practical product that people can use.

    • Glad you dig it fam, been planning this one for a while, people really wanted to see this one, similar to my push vs apc 40 video. I def wanted to do this one.

      No doubt I was just messing with John on the PC vs Mac thing lol.

  2. Great review!
    Thank you for getting to the important information and clarifying some concerns.
    I am wating to see if the Akai Advance will be available with 88 keys.

  3. Now this is what I’m talking about straight from the source “Sounds and Gear” where it all started. I”m loving your enthusiasm and spirit here, seems like you seem more yourself at home in the lab which makes sense. I’m using the nektar impakt 25 for space and functionality, swapped my oxygen 61 for it. Not sure I”m going to get another set of keys just yet unless it’s a total game changer but I”m feeling the advanced from Akai it has waaaay more vendor support.

  4. Hi,
    I own the akai and was wondering whether the NI is a better deal for me. After seeing you informative comparison video, I clearly can see the difference. Being tempted by lightguide, I will stay with the akai for the screen and the 3rd party support.
    Thank you, it saved a lot of going back and forward on this issue.
    Philip from Bad Herrenalb, Black Forest. Germany
    (It is really Bad Herrenalb, but Bad means spa in Geman)


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