Cinematique Instruments Boxed Edition review


What’s good fam? Hope all is well!

Got another set of sounds to review for ya, had this one for a while and wanted to share it.

It’s from Cinematique Instruments, their boxed edition, which includes a bunch of their unique instruments and collections all in one location.

It’s distributed through Best Service, so you can get it from (east west)

Anyway, let’s peep it!

What is Cinematique Instruments boxed edition?

Basically it’s a collection of all the little instruments and sounds they had released up to the beginning of 2010, all together in one package.

Their focus is on unique sounds with special character and tone, created for film and media production.

However you know me, I think sounds like this are useful for anything.

They aren’t just  a bunch of ambient sounds and fx, you get real instruments, quirky devices, etc.

It comes with the Best Service Engine player, based off of Yellow Tools Independence.


Quick Specs

  • content: about 1.6gb of content
  • format: Best Service ENGINE
  • price: $199.95

How does it sound?

Awesome, really there is so much here so many different libraries, it’s just a joy to explore.

What I really enjoy is the tone and character of their libraries, I can’t quite explain it, maybe “ethereal” or “pristine”, light? You just have to listen.

They have some really ambient sounds in the downbeat box and the experimental collection really adds some sounds you may otherwise not have heard, quality recordings and inspiring tones.

I also enjoy the traditional instruments like the Rhodes which can be smooth or raw and distorted,  and the Celtic Nylon harp. There’s a nice piano, a kantele, just tons of stuff man. The glass instruments are fun as are the rare keyboards. They have a great glockenspiel in here and the metal object collection really allows for some nice impacts and hits.

One thing that surprised me were the towel drums, really good tone and shows their attention to detail/sound quality.

I also love the interface of the instruments, they are very simple yet give you instant access to parameters needed to tweak your sounds.

What’s the overall thought on this library?

I love it man, it’s just got a very nice quality about it. These may not be the “main instruments” you would use in a production but they are very great at playing a supporting role. Though some of them can be stars in their own show, I love the unique character they can instantly add to a production.

The Best Service ENGINE sampler is pretty easy to use, so it makes using the library a snap.

The instruments load fast and sound great, what more can you ask?

I give this library 4.5 out of 5 subs, it’s really fun, unique and stands in it’s own space when it comes to the sound and tone of the library.

If you’re like me and you like to explore and venture into new and unique sounds this is definitely a collection to have.

Give the demos a listen:

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