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Yo what’s good fam!

Just wanted to give you a heads up my dude Fade from one of my regular online hangouts did an interview with me for the site.

If you don’t know about you sleeping.

It’s a forum, community, and they even got a record lable….all for urban and hip hop producers.

Definitely checkout the site….and make sure you checkout the interview too!



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  1. SJ: That was a great interview. “Nice” how you gave the historical background of where this genre(Hip Hop) came from & how you have affected others with your taste & experience. “Keep Doin’ What You Do” cause’ “We Got Your Back Right Here” Another “First Class” feel from

  2. Great interview sir, definately representing us beat makers, and defined Hip Hop as it is, We take equipment that wasnt made for us then flip it… BAM! There it is! keep on sir.

  3. Good interview Saintjoe.
    You’re the man and the ‘re finally recognizing this…Lol.
    Keep up the good work my brother.
    Don’t forget us little guy’s.
    Peace & blessings.

  4. nice interview Joe, it was a good read! There needs to be more honest stand up peeps like yourself out there, who do it for the music and not the fortune and fame. safe

  5. What a very excellent interview saint! I this is not the topic right now, but do you know when will the akai’s mpc series be in stores? Also what will the software have different from the maschine? The hardware looks cool but my question is how’s the work flow and sounds? How will it work for a Dj ? Last but not least do you know of a posible upgrade for maschines software for 2012 ? I bet even thou akai may have a lot going on with there new mpc series native instruments the maschine price will be hard to beat.

    • @Dj jambone, Thanks man!

      Re MPC: comes out this summer, it will operate just like an mpc, it will not have the same workflow as Maschine. Some will like it and some won’t. If it can be used for dj purposes, I’m sure it can, like anything else, it’s up to you and how you use the product. Akai has more to worry about with NI than price. And yes of course there will be updates for Maschine this year 🙂

  6. Great interview!! Very well spoken and every answer was inspiring. Your a class act. On another note, Im on deck for that MPC REN. Love your covereage on that at NAMM. I cant wait.

  7. As a moderator on and host of ‘s Carolina Cuts show I have to say good job great interview. Lol as you know SJ I have been on to SnG for awhile now and I send people here for reasources when they ask on Ill. Glad to see you get your just due!
    I WAS gonna give you hell and say YUuuck.. lol but that type of thingn is best left over at ill!!! haha


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