Checking Out Arturia Analog Lab 3 With Keylab Essential 49


Arturia released their V Collection 6, and of course that comes with new instruments, some of which have people really excited.

I know there are a lot of VC6 reviews and videos, but I wanted to do a video on Analog Lab 3. Yes, it comes with V6 and gives you an easy way to access over 6000 sounds from the collection with basic controls to tweak, honestly I’ve always felt that Analog Lab was a great product on its own.

So I just wanted to do a video showing some of the updates in Analog Lab 3 as well as a quick demo of how it works with the Keylab Essential keyboards.

Are there any specific instruments you want me to do a video on in the VC6 collection?

Let me know!

If you’re already using it, what are your favorite new instruments in VC6? Or will you just roll with Analog Lab 3 and call it good?

Check it out:


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