Check It Out: Bitwig Studio Instrument, VST, and FX Layering


Hey what’s good fam?

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season.

Just wanted to share a video about a feature in Bitwig Studio I thought was pretty dope.

This is for those that love to layer sounds, samples, or whatever else.

Bitwig makes it very easy to layer internal sounds, vst plugins, as well as add fx and save it all as a preset.

What I really dig is how quick you can adjust each layer as there’s an overview of a basic “mixer” for volume, pan, mute, and solo.

Of course you still have full control over each device or plugin, and you can quickly add modulation and other fx.

It definitely allows you to be creative and quickly come up with new sounds.

Let me know what you think



    • Checkout the demo fam, they are serious on the development, lots of changes and updates already since the first version. Definitely getting better. There’s a lot I really dig about it.

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