Check it Out: Bitwig Studio Instrument Layering & Morphing using the X/Y Device


Hey what’s good fam?

Just wanted to share this cool feature in Bitwig Studio that lets you layer and morph between 4 different instruments or instrument chains.

You can do it manually by MIDI learning the X and Y parameter knobs, or you can use different modulation devices to automate the parameters automatically.

It’s a really dope way to come up with different evolving sounds or even just manually morphing between sounds for different textures.

Let me know what you think below!



  1. Whatup Joe,

    What i think is that it might have taken them a bit longer than expected but Bitwig wil end up as my go to DAW 😉
    Step by step there getting there!

    Cool vid keep it up sir!

    • There’s definitely some cool stuff in there man, I just figured I’d start sharing cool little things I come across or use in various tools instead of always waiting to do a full “review” on something.


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