Check It Out: Ableton Live 9 Layering Instruments, Plugins, Samples, and FX


Hey what’s good fam?

Just a quick video to show how you can create custom sounds in Ableton Live by layering instruments, samples, fx, and even plugins.

I got this question after I did a similar video for Bitwig, and wanted to show that Ableton has had this capability for a while.

Sometimes it’s easy to focus on all the new stuff that’s coming out and forget how powerful the tools are that we already have.

Also for those new to Live, this is always a feature they go crazy about when I explain it to them.

So again, just a video sharing something I think is cool, of course it’s not new, but that doesn’t make it any less useful.

If you have any questions about this or Live in general feel free to ask fam!



  1. saintjoe, if you wanted to record the midi of the layers you’ve built, to you have to create a separate midi track and point it back to the instrument rack as the input? Thanks!!


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