Brickwall Audio Cinematic Sound Design library review


Yo what’s good, back with some more goodies to checkout

Today I’m looking at some cinematic libraries from Brickwall Audio

The composer behind Brickwall Audio does a lot of stuff for tv, media, games, film, and trailers.

These libraries are made for that purpose.

I don’t even remember how I came across these this weekend, I was in a “new sound finding” mood and bought a few new goodies!

Let’s check this one out

So what’s up with the Brickwall Audio Kontakt libraries?

Well, it’s a collection of about 5 libraries dedicated to cinematic and film sound design.

So rather than having actual instruments, it’s a bunch of sounds and textures recorded and put together in a way that lends itself to use in film and media music.

You guys know I love that stuff so I had to check this out!

The five libraries are:

Deviant Atmospheres, Raw Steel, Deviant States, Advanced Distortion, and Metallic Dreams

They all require the full version of Kontakt to run, they are not Kontakt Player libraries

Quick Specs

  • content: about 580MB all together
  • format: kontakt
  • price: $0.00

So how does it sound?

They sound nice, ambient, creative, even sometimes creepy.

There’s everything in here from low drones, to smooth atmospheres, to harsh metallic impacts.

Even some dirty, trashed up drum kits.

The recordings are well done and very useful, you get a bunch of multis as well as the individual patch files.

I personally found the multis really good, so I use those, but also explore the idea of creating my own from the various patches in the library.

They are fast loading so you can quickly audition them and are creative enough that you’ll have fun exploring and finding ways to fit them into your work.

“Eastern Prayers” is probably my favorite sound in the collection, it’s got a creepy, nightmarish bell sound to it, very cool.

So what’s the bottom line?

If you own Kontakt and you love cinematic/film focused sounds, get this.

Heck, if you own Kontakt and you’ve never considered messing with these style of sounds I still say GET IT.

Good sound is good sound and I’m sure you can find use for it.

I give this library 4 out of 5 subs, really straight forward and useful.

Don’t expect it to have extravagant scripting and deep tweak-able interfaces, this is just a straight forward collection of great sounds.

For the price, how can you complain? The quality is up there with some of the commercial libraries on the market, and while it’s not as huge content wise, it’s still a great addition to your library.

Just get it man!

let me know what ya think, leave a comment below!




  1. Man I really like these! I was impressed with his music on his facebook page. That stuff right there is what I eventually want to break into, one of my goals. Anyway thnx for the review and heads up bro, Ima sprinkle this on a few tracks. Peace!!!

  2. Thanks for the good look on the product info…nothing like free sounds. I’ve been contemplating doing something more atmospheric and downtempo lately, this will definitely help.


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