Boomstar 5089 24dB Moog style ladder filter analog synth review


Yo what’s good fam!

Back today with a beast of a synth from Studio Electronics

This is the 5089 synth from their Boomstar line, which is a collection of synths each with their own classic filter.

Let’s check it out!

So what is the Boomstar 5089?

boomstar5089This is a desktop analog synthesizer with tons of knobs, switches, and oh yeah…. it sports the classic “Moog style” 24db ladder filter.

They make all their synths the old school way, with discrete components and plenty of analog pedigree.

The Boomstar line shares the same basic layout, 2 VCO (oscillators) , 2 VCA (envelopes, a VCF (filter) as well as some cross modulation, noise, feedback, overdrive, LFO, ring modulation and more.

There’s a huge sound in this black box of sounds and it’s very classic in tone.

Quick Specs

How does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderThis thing is like a blast from the past, the sound is the stuff of legends, it’s what people mean when they say “classic” or “vintage” and other descriptive words such as fat, warm, gooey, thick…etc.

It’s something you really need to hear to understand, there’s a whole extra layer of “something” on top of the sound. I noticed it instantly as I compared it to the various contemporary analog synthesizers I have in my possession, and instantly recognized a character that I grew up on, a tone that has a special hidden compartment of awesomeness.

Really, the bass is deep and thick, and the leads are super sweet and alive. Even when you get “funky” with it, using overdrive, feedback, ring modulation, and other things that cause the sound to go crazy, it still maintains it’s full warm tone. It’s like….like there’s a big ole fat wool blanket over the entire audio output. Not in the sense that you feel like you’re missing anything, but in the sense that everything has a warm and fuzzy tone.

I absolutely love the thickness of the sound, it just remains smooth and buttery through the entire range, low to high. On top of this, there are so many crazy ways you can modulate this thing, it’s like a huge maze of audio exploration.

It doesn’t matter if you want low and gut busting or smooth high end leads, it handles them both with class and dignity, as well as much attitude.

That 24dB filter is instant classic, you can’t help but grab that filter knob and give it a few good sweeps, the evil grin is immediate.

I also love how easy it is to stack the different waveforms together with a flick of a toggle switch.

So what’s the bottom line?

I’m a fan of analog synths, and I’m glad there are so many being made today, but I fell in love with analog synthesis growing up through the music I was listening to, so there was always a certain sound I wanted.

So while there are many current analog synths being made, as soon as I plugged this in and played a few notes I was instantly brought back to what I fell in love with.

Studio Electronics is vintage, they get it, they know the sound because they’ve been making the sound for decades. And the fact that this type of classic tone can be found in a newly manufactured synth is awesome for those of us that seek that extra layer of “grease” that you can’t explain, but you hear it…and feel it.

5subsI give the Boomstar 5089 a 5 out of 5 subs, this beast instantly gives me the analog sound I fell in love with listening to music growing up. It’s got a classic vintage tone with plenty of contemporary modulation options for those that love to just mess stuff up!

I love the fact that they have a Boomstar dedicated to various classic filter types, however…there’s one problem, once you hear one it really makes you want them all. Maybe that’s not a problem though!

The manual also mentions using the “overlfow” button on on the back as a way of chaining multiple Boomstars together, I’m gonna have to look more into how that works 🙂

At the end of the day Studio Electronics is into the business of making synths their way, for those that seek exactly what they are able to produce.

I happen to be one such person, and I’m totally in love with the warmth, grit, and buttery goodness they deliver.

Checkout more info on the line up at their site:

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

Stay tuned for more coverage of the Boomstar synth range as well.


Boomstar 5089 24dB Moog style ladder filter analog synth review
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  1. Been wanting to hear this particular version for a bit – thanks, SJ!
    BTW, your ‘just a little something/nothing fancy’ tracks are pretty sweet.

    What you got holding up that monitor at that perfect height? Pretty slick….

    • Thanks fam, this joint is insane! Glad you dig the tracks, just a little something to showcase different products man. The monitor stand is a tripp lite desk mount monitor arm, searched all over for one that would work for my monitor, I love it man!


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