Blazin Kits Survival Drums review


Time for some more drums

Today I’m checking out a new kit from, whom I’ve been watching grow for years.

This time I’m taking a look at “Survival Drums” ……

So what is Survival Drums?

Like all the kits from blazin kits, this is a more “urban pop” collection…

mostly done in the style of Timbo, Pharrell, Swizz, etc.

They are big drums, drums that take up a lot of room in the track.

It’s a collection of 15 kicks and 15 snares.

Quick Specs

  • Content: 15 kicks and 15 snares
  • Format: wav
  • Price: $11.99

How do they sound?

Like you would expect, they are BIG. These aren’t just punchy drums that cut through the mix, these drums are meant to be the start of the track.

Lot’s of layering and compression going on from what I can hear.

Sometimes the compression or “loudness” can be a bit too much to fit into your track, but again, it depends on what you’re going for.

If you want huge drums, they are definitely here.

Despite the drums being extremely big and loud, surprisingly I didn’t run into any clicks or pops at the end of the drums.

It seems they were edited properly so there are no undesired artifacts going on.

What’s the bottom line?

I like the kit, I’ve been a fan of blazin kits for a while now.

It seems that most of his kits have a similar style, mostly the big, spacious drums.

You can tell he is a fan of folks like timbo, pharrell, darkchild, swizz, bcox, etc…and it shows in the sound design.

I think it’s a good price-point for the number of sounds you get, pretty much gives you a quick fix when you want an instant dose of new sounds without being overwhelmed or breaking the bank.

I give this a 4 out of 5 subs, it’s really a good kit to have in your collection, for the price of the kits over there.

I’d say eventually you should own them all lol.  You may find similar sounding drums in other kits but that’s because most are made in the same styles….but it’s a great collection to have.

No matter if you get one or end up with them all, I definitely suggest you checkout


  1. The review of the product was awsome always professional with you Sir!. The price is very attractive for the quality here , Im not saying those are best sounds I have ever heard or anything but I would buy them 🙂 as a producer I try to stay versitile as possible never limiting myself to one style. Having dope Drum Kits is just essential , not only the first step… but in the right direction.Layering Drums and snares is basic to me it is what makes your tracks pop. I love your reviews man! Keep the vids coming fam! One Love

    Kindest regards,

    President / CEO
    Digital Muzick

    • @Fontaine, thanks bro and I agree! Probably not the illest around, but man, for the price… I’ve paid more for less lol. They definitely have their own style, and pretty much all of the kits are in a similar style, so if you need some of those big monstrous drums, blazinkits is a great place to start.

  2. hey saintjoe , sweet drums man , am diggin the synths u choose for ur track too . u no what i was thinkin ? i was thinking maybe u shud make a beat competition and the winner gets some free samples from one of ur sponsors ! idk i think it would be pretty neat . holla atcha boy . Aigrade !

    • @Aigrade Muzik, yeah man, been thinking about that, folks like novaloops and big fish are down for something like that, I’m sure we’ll get something going at some point, just takes some planning lol.


  4. Blazing Kits always has some nice joints.I have purchased several of there kits and they are reasonably priced for what you get.If you go to there site they have some free kits also.Keep it funky Joe!!!

  5. The drums may be small kits but they sound dope as hell. I’m thinking about buying the other kits because they are so low priced.

    Hey Joe, what do you think about Windows 7 man. I’m still on XP after the Vista fiasco so I’ve been holding back on upgrading (for one thing I don’t want to reinstall all my applications from scratch because with 7 you have to do a clean install if coming from XP) so on XP I’ve been using the 3GB switch to give me more access to my memory. The only reason I would want to upgrade to Windows 7 is to get full access to all the ram I have installed in my machine so I can use more complex routing schemes & more plugins at the same time but everybody I know is still using XP and haven’t taken the jump up to Windows 7 yet.

    On another note bro, here is a plugin that you should check out when you get the chance. Its called AudioEase Speakerphone 2. Its the best speaker simulator I’ve ever used. I just got it from a couple of days ago.

    Thanks for putting me up on Blazin Kits they will be making some money off of me.

    • @madbull1971, yessir, blazinkits got some goodies 🙂

      I’m building my new pc around windows 7, it’s ready man as long as all of your programs work with it. Most do, and they got it right with this one unlike vista lol.

      I’m definitely going 64 bit because you know I’m a kontakt fanatic as well as other large sample based instruments. I feel you on the reinstalls lol, I’m building a brand new machine so I have no choice!

  6. Alright bro I should no longer have to worry about having problems with XP Pro RAM limitation. I should be able to run all the vsts & audio I need once I get this…

    I just ordered a Open Labs Miko Timberland Special Edition. So hopefully this should eliminate my issues.

    Been eye-balling one for a while. Should have it in a week or so.
    I’ll keep you posted.

    • @madbull1971, wow lol…nice. Them joints are dope.

      the openlabs are 32bit os though, they haven’t upgraded those to 64bit yet, that’s probably the main reason I didn’t go for one. If they were 64 bit I would be saving up to get one of those instead.

      I know they’ve tweaked the OS, so it should do a lil better at handling more plugins, but you’ve still got the same ram limitations.

      • @saintjoe, actually I’m hearing that the Open Labs version of XP can take full advantage of 4 GB of ram plus I’ll be able to run all the plugins I want at the same time unlike now. Being that the Open Labs equipment is geared toward making music it should blow my current setup out the water (and my current setup ain’t no joke 🙂 ya feel me)

        I didn’t want to spend the money but everybody I spoke to that has brought a open lab product is telling me its worth it.

        I feel ya on the 64-bit OS but a lot of the apps I use still can’t run on 64-bit systems yet so I’ll probably be using 32-bit for a while until everybody catches up.

        Also now I’ll be able to be a portable system so I don’t have to have a lot of folks coming to my studio to lay down vocals or do collaborations when I get to that point.

        • @madbull1971, I feel ya man! It will def be better no question, but inherently 32bit windows won’t be able to handle all 4gb of ram, even though it will show up, you still have memory/ram overhead.

          But the OS is tweaked enough that I’ve always heard great things about them so you’ll be fine. I just know the price is a looooooong stretch for me, and I wanted something 64 bit out the gate lol.

          You’ll be fine tho!

  7. What up St Joe. Were all the sounds from blazin kits? Nice beat man. I can hear a nice bass from Trillian on that one lol. Holla back.

  8. YO joe i just bought these kits man they r too hott man huh if it wasn’t your post man i wouldn’t now that exist a stuff like this

  9. Awesome sounds. The funny thing is that I have at least 20 libraries of sounds and only use maybe five or so. I created this latest monster track with only one sample! Crazy man. I still need more! I think I’m addicted. lol.


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