Big Fish Urban String Sessions review


It’s Friday…time for some Big Fish goodness!

Today I’m checking out some string samples…

Oh yeah, also giving away a copy of this library to one lucky winner so make sure you watch the video!

let’s get into it

So what is Urban String Sessions?

It is a collection of real studio recorded string sessions.

It’s one thing to play strings from your sampler or keyboard, it’s another when you can bring in real string players or sample them from a recording.

Something about string performances just sound good when you sample them…classic hip hop and urban goodness.

it’s also dope when a producer can bring in a string section and have them play to a dope track…

think Dre or Kanye…

So this is a collection for those of us that can’t hire a string section for recording, or have gone through all our classical records finding those dope phrases

Quick Specs

  • content: 1.3gb (697MB wav)
  • format: wav, apple loops
  • price: $69.95

How does it sound?

This collection really has a full, lush sound to it. It’s not traditionally an “orchestral” sound, it’s more edgy and modern, allowing it to fit perfect into urban music.

Most of the time string samples we find, or dig up, usually have a big orchestral feel, these have a feel of actually hiring some string players to accompany your track.

That said, the string instruments themselves sound very authentic and there are many tempos represented.

It’s  also dope that you get the full section, plus each separate section broken out separately for flexibility.

The recording is high quality, not undesired artifacts or glitches to mess up your flow.

When I heard the name “urban strings” I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I think they captured something very useful, not traditional epic stuff…but just some real good, modern string recordings.

So what’s the bottom line?

bottom line is, I think it’s a good library..otherwise I wouldn’t spend my time reviewing it!

No really, I enjoy the sound of it and the loops are quite long so it’s good to get a bunch of different chops from it.

With the way it’s broken down, it’s also easy to take a little less, maybe just a slight string riff, etc…to add to your productions instead of making these the main star.

Point is, it’s flexible, and I’m liking the trend of these type of “kits” that have been dedicated to a particular element but still give you the separate parts.

I give this 4 out of 5 subs, it’s a very useful collection and I’m sure many will find a place for it in their library.

Check it out over at Big Fish: Urban String Sessions

let me know what you think below!

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  1. I think your Randomizing program is broke man…I thought I saw my name on the top of the list and then the other email appeared….weird…..LOL!!!! HAHA, ey good review. I like strings mane and this is down my alley. PEACE!!!

  2. Big Fish = consistent. I know I say that every time you review one of their products but it’s completely true. I was thinking the same as you Joe with ‘Urban’ in the title, but it sounds tasteful and doesn’t veer into over the top cheesy territory.

    Enter Promo Code FALL10 on the Big Fish site, $10 off $30+ orders till Monday. (I’m not affiliated with Big Fish or SaintJoe, just trying to help y’all out.)
    Thanks for the review!

  3. Been checking out yor reviews for the past 3 years and i can’t tell you how many great products I’ve discovered thanks to you bro. Thanks man! Now can you imagine if bigfish released sample libraries that are as good as their construction kits? Don’t get me wrong, RIG was dope but if we can get hold of the sounds that are in some of their kits, like these urban strings, as playable instruments, that would be crazy! Don’t know what your take on that may be.


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