Big Fish Studio Guitars: The Michael Ripoll Project review


Yo what’s good fam, back with another Big Fish Friday for ya!

Hope you got your plate ready because it’s time to eat!

Today I’m checking out a huge collection of guitars

The product is called Studio Guitars: The Michael Ripoll Project

Let’s check it out!

So what is Studio Guitars and who is Michael Ripoll?

You can think of Studio Guitars as your own personal studio guitarist, ready to play any style of guitar you need for your next track.

Who is Michael Ripoll?

Oh he’s just a guy that’s recorded guitar for tons of folks from Carrie Underwood to Mary J Blige, India Irie, and Stevie…Wonder.

Safe to say, he’s not only highly sought after, but he’s pretty versatile.

This is a collection of loops and licks covering the styles of rock, jazz, funk, pop, country, and blues.

Quick Spec

  • content: 4.7GB across between all formats (1.85gb 24 bit wav), 1059 loops
  • format: apple loops, rex, wav, rmx, acid
  • price: $99.95

How does it sound though?

Man, these guitars are crazy, what I really dig about them is the sound recording quality, very pristine and ready to go.

Not only that, but there are so many styles here, and even within the various styles you get multiple folders and multiple parts of a song.

Bridge, chorus, breaks, intro, outro, picks, rhythm, leads, strums…all here.

They even double tracked it and give you access to both versions for maximum flexibility.

At the end of the day, the sound is the most important thing, these are some of the most well recorded guitar loops I’ve come across.

Not just well played, but well recorded also.

So what’s the bottom line?

Isn’t it obvious?

If you’re looking for a collection of versatile, high quality, pristine recorded guitar loops and riffs, you’d be hard pressed to find something better than this.

I was just thoroughly impressed with the sound quality and the huge variety of styles and parts.

I give this library 5 out of 5 subs, I really think it delivers the goods in terms of quality, quantity, and usability. 

This is a really dope guitar library in my opinion, very very good.

Why not checkout the free demo loops:

And head over to Big Fish to listen to the demos for yourself:

leave me a comment below and let me know what you think


  1. Yo Brotha Saint, how is things bro.
    Nice revue on the string thangz, those guitars sound nice / clean, you can send them through Guitar Rig or something and it’s a Rap.
    Nice revue, thanks.
    On another note..I see you have your Proteus 2000 hard ware peaking out.
    I have mine with probably all of the cards, when is the last time you fired yours up?…Lol.

    • @Reggmail, yeah man, I had sold all my emu gear to use the software version, but when I upgraded to windows 7 64 bit I found out I couldn’t use the libraries unless I purchased emulator x3 software….didn’t feel like doing that so, I have the rack. It has the mophatt in it, which is the one I really wanted back. I’ll probably get some more and keep it around just because. I’ve not used it in about 4 months or more though. But it’s fun to break it out now and then and remember when all I had was the mk6 mophatt keyboard and an external sequencer 🙂

  2. Funky Drummer Dewey Dew · Edit

    Much Respect Peeps, I also had a simular issue with my Proteus X2 when going to x64 win7, and kept my turbo phatt rack for safe keeping. I only use it with my MV-8000 as a seperate hardware set-up. I’ve watch you on the MASHINE since before you rebuilt your studio and i like what you’re doing with it. Im not mad at my padKontrol since i can sequence in a few Daw’s simularly, but not without setting up personal templates first. I just baught Kontakt 5 and I like its connection capabilities interfaced in machine. Although i Liked my Proteus x2, i still like the thick sound of the Turbo Phatt. I do have plans to get the Emu Pack for Kontakt, but i’ll keep the rack version because i noticed all soft synth and soft samplers have its own sound(engine)just as hardware.

    I may still get Emulator x3 since i have the library already, even though it appears to not be supported by Creative labs.

    Im glad to know im not the only one dealing with these upgrade issues.

    Keep up the good work, and thanks for turning me on to Trauma!


    • @Funky Drummer Dewey Dew, you’re right bro, I had the software, then finally got the hardware back again, night and day, so I’m keeping it even if I don’t use it often. May sample the drums into Maschine or something 🙂

  3. Yo’ fam ~ bigfish has been consistent since their
    inception into the light, they rarely disappoint, and
    this is just another example of how they roll”
    there are those who say their priced too high, in
    these economic stressed times, but they do offer
    value and return on investment ~ the package is
    tight and the Michael Ripoll project puts in the work
    ~ dp

    • @dpnlife, I hear ya, and also, they have smaller packages for those who wish to spend less, but I can’t say for a long as I’ve been a customer (many years way before this site) I’ve always loved what I got from them and continued to use it for a very long time.

  4. SJ,Big Fish Studio Guitars has all genres covered with this one. “Tribe Called Quest” might reunite after hearing your beat…!!. Great video & thinks again for this one…


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