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It’s Friday so you know what that means, time for some Big Fish!

Today I’m reviewing one of the new products from the “Beat Warrior” series that Nova Loops created exclusively for Big Fish

This one is all about the melodies, so let’s check it out

What is Platinum Synth Melodies?

It’s a collection of construction sets made up of nothing be melodies.

No drums in site.

These are specifically…synth melodies.

You get a nice collection of bass, strings, pads, leads, etc…

produced in styles useful for pop, rnb, hip hop, and other urban music.

Quick Specs

  • content: 428 MB
  • format: apple loops, wav, acid
  • price: $49.99

How does it sound?

I’ve been a fan of Nova Loops for a little while now, I’ve always loved their melody lines, to me they were always a step above the rest, especially in RnB.

This library surprised me in the fact that they showed versatility by mixing in a lot more of the synth/pop side of things and not just rnb/rap.

They do pop very well, but this one especially had a very light euro feel mixed into it.

The styles of the loops were done right as well as the recordings, I absolutely loved some of the pads, very ambient.

They deep bass lines show what I mean about their melodies, it’s always so smooth, very good sound and good production.

There is a good variety of club, rap, pop, euro, smooth and rnb style melodies to mix, match and chop.

What’s the bottom line?

Bottom line is I really like the idea of getting nothing but melodies from the Nova Loops label and I’m glad Big Fish is exploring these types of libraries.

Perfect for those that may not be the best at certain styles, or just want variety, or maybe you just like DOPE SOUNDS.

This is a synth collection, and I can’t really find anything missing, maybe a few more west coast style leads since these guys live out in Cali 🙂

I give this a 4 out of 5 subs, it’s very useful with a great quality and a nice price.

The price is even better when you use the promo code: NOVSS1 to get $7 bucks off any Nova Loops product at Big Fish until 6/30/2010

So go on over and check them out, and add some dope melodies to your collection:


  1. everythingbutthegirl · Edit

    Hi Joe

    The synth samples you sent me are better than what you’ve just previewed. Not doing for me.

    Sorry to the guys at Nova!

    Keep up the good work Joe

  2. Christopher MacAlpine · Edit

    Big Fish Audio has always had some great stuff. i have gotten a couple of things from them for my sample library. Well recorded, clean and just great. I do however, like their old site much better!

    Great job!!!

  3. Yeah you’re right on the variety of the pack, I heard plenty of DX/FM style 80’s sounds in there. Thanks for hitting us all with the promo code.


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