Big Fish Friday: Vibe Guitars


So what is Vibe Guitars: 

vibeguitarThis is a collection of kits inspired by Rock, R&B, Retro, and Funk style guitar samples.

It comes in the KLI format so you can quickly alter,  time stretch, add effects, and play with the slices of the various samples.

The kits come with drums, guitar. and bass parts that you can mix and match as needed by tempo or key.

The library itself is organized into full kits, single instruments, and sliced loops as usual with the KLI series.

Quick Specs


How does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderThe sound quality and variety is on point, each section captures the particular style it’s going for.

No matter if you’re looking for more aggressive Rock or smooth R&B riffs, you can find them in here.

Surprisingly there are also some nice sounding drums in here, considering it is a “guitar” library, but that is to be expected as these are construction kits and not just a bunch of guitar loops.

Along with the guitar parts you get drums and bass as well, so you have a lot to work with in the various styles which gives you plenty of content to chop, alter, and otherwise manipulate.

Overall the sound quality is good, with plenty of variety in the kit to keep you busy.

So what’s the bottom line?

As with any kit like this, it really depends on the type of sounds you are searching for. If you’re looking for these styles then this library will not disappoint.

4subsI give Vibe Guitars 4 out of 5 subs, the library is well recorded with enough variety and style to fit into all sorts of music production situations. 

Of course if you don’t want to access it through the Kontakt interface you can still dig into the individual audio samples directly and use them as you see fit.

Load them in your own sampler, run them through effects, hardware pedals, synths, filters, whatever…just know that you have a good foundation of content to work with here.

Go on over and check it out:;24;1::::::::::::Vibe%20Guitars:%20R&B,%20Funk,%20Rock,%20Retro:527759

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    • Byron Strothers a.k.a. "Fisher The Sandwich" · Edit

      Big Fiah always have very clear material to work with. I gotta get my expanding sound library to a brand new 4t.b. drive sometime this weekend.
      Hope I answered correctly for the Vibe Guitar Jon!
      Hey SJ….any word on a new Maschine in the making?
      I’m still rocking the mk1 and mk2.


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