Big Fish Friday: Straight Outta NYC


It’s the end of the week so you know what time it is


I got some fresh fish for ya today… this time we gonna get a lil more rugged and look at some hip hop samples big fish sent me.

Straight Outta NYC baby!

What’s up with Straight Outta NYC?

Well, it’s a sample cd, not a sample pak, it actually comes on a dvd like most collections. I think the term sample cd is getting old lol…most now come on dvds with gigs of files.

sony1Anyway, according to the site:

“The heart of East Coast Hip Hop resides in one place: New York City.

Straight Outta NYC is full of the life, the beats, the grooves, the melodies, and everything that is East Coast Hip Hop.

Check out the beats, horns, guitars, synths, basses, clavs, fx, vocals and more.

Also included in each construction kit are all the drum hits broken out and a folder of drum tracks giving you the individual parts of the drums broken out for easy mixing, remixing or mixing and matching.

All material comes in WAV, REX, Apple Loops and RMX format. Take the snare loop from one kit and match it with the kick from another or try any number of other combinations!

It’s time to check out the Hip Hop flavors of NYC!”

…yeah, okay, I’ve heard this before. Someone claims to have
captured the real “feel” of hip hop and it ends up being some
cheesy unusable collection of cliche beats and riffs…
let’s see
So did Big Fish come real or cheesy?

…yeah, okay, I’ve heard this before. Someone claims to have captured the real “feel” of hip hop and it ends up being some cheesy unusable collection of cliche beats and riffs…

let’s see

So did Big Fish come real or cheesy?

They came HARD! Man, I was definitely not sure about this one, I mean, the demo sounded okay…but a whole collection?

Straight outta NYC? I had to check it.

The production is top notch, the riffs and keys have a feel that you definitely can use.  Some of the piano parts have that “sampled sound” so you can chop them up and have a sample based track without dealing with sample clearance. I love that.

The elements are raw, rugged, and ready to go.

The loops are long enough that you can get tons of chops for different tracks. They have those sick organs you hear in that east coast stuff, epic strings, even some of those rocwilder type synths and stuff…

It’s not JUST underground, they captured the whole entire east coast nyc style of music, from underground, to storytelling, to harlem club bangers.

What about the price?

3D chrome Dollar symbolWell this one surprised me…like many of you, I’m used to sample cds/dvds being around 99 bucks or more, no problem.

This one comes in at 69 bucks, I think that’s a heckuva deal. It’s a not much more than the average sample pak you can download from many online vendors, but the amount of content you get is banannas.

I think this is a great value, considering it’s less than the average sample cd, good stuff.

I think it keeps it in the reach of most folks, even if you’re on the “one sample collection a month” diet, this one is a good deal.

So what’s the final verdict?

4andhalfsubsI gave this collection a 4.5 out of 5 subs…very solid production. The only reason I didn’t give it the full 5 is because I would have liked to see a folde or two of extra instrument riffs and such.

They include the single drum hits, which I love about their collections, that way I don’t have to chop if I don’t want to.

Great production, tons of variety even though it’s strictly east coast, you get a lot of different styles.  The price is right, and the loops are pretty long.

All in all, another great release from Big Fish.

You can hear the demo on their site at Straight Outta NYC

let me know what you think, leave me a comment below.

I always love to hear your opinon, good or bad!


  1. There is no WAY I would pay that much for a kit.
    As a one sample collection a month type of guy , thats waaay too high.
    I’ll slide over to the site and check out the sounds, but if you want an east coast feel go diggin and you can do the same thing .

    • Hahahah lol, it’s not a “kit”, it’s a sample library. That’s actually not that bad in my opinion, it’s actually cheaper than normal, but, I’m not a digger, I’d rather keep all my money and not have to pay anyone after I make the track.

      Nor do I like the idea of “chopping it beyond recognition” because I still know where it came from lol, which would require me to pay for it.

      But I feel ya, everyone is different when it comes to this stuff, Big Fish is more on the sample library side of things than the smaller “kits” many of the other retailers produce.

    • good quality, got some nice keys/organs and strings in there. But then again, I am a sound fanatic lol, I love sounds, if they are recorded well and produced well then I’m good.

      However, I know everyone has different tastes that’s why I like to do these reviews so you can hear for yourself.

      That’s also why I like you to comment 🙂

    • Thanks for watching!!

      Since I am a media site a get a lot of stuff to review, so I don’t have to buy all the stuff, it just depends on the company. Some stuff I have to purchase, and some stuff gets sent in for review. Just like a magazine or the other media sites.

      I don’t expect folks to buy everything I review, I just want to provide a resource to show ya what’s out here so when the time comes you have some honest feedback to help with whatever your looking to get.

      That said, I don’t really want to sit down and look at what I spend on this type of stuff lol…wife may get me!

  2. Most of the Big Fish sounds I got are from a few years back, so it’s interesting to hear what they’re up to now. These sound like a good compromise between the old sampled NY sound and current synth-ish trends.


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