Big Fish Friday: Samplephonics Hip Hop Crate Diggers Vol 2 Review


Hey what’s good fam!

Back today with the first Big Fish Friday of 2015

So grab a plate and let’s dig in!

So what is Hip Hop Crate Diggers Vol 2

smpll132The whole concept of this library is to provide a collection of soulful, organic, authentic sounding Hip Hop samples.

You get loops, hits, riffs, and oneshots, ready to be sliced, stacked, and played how you see fit.

This isn’t a construction kit product, though there are 3 construction kits in there.

It’s more like a grab back of dope organic sample content, split up into folders by content type for easy picking.

The musical loops even come with the key in the filename in addition to the normal bpm which is included in the name of all loops.

Oh, and there’s some sampler patches for quick playing of drum and music hits.

Quick Specs

How does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderThis is a dope collection of sounds for those that love the more chilled, soulful, organic side of Hip Hop.

I love the warm gritty tone of the samples, not to mention the crazy melodic styles covered, everything has a smooth jazzy feel.

Oh and I’m not one for drum loops, but some of these loops are sick!

The drum samples themselves are very useful and fit the style of drums I dig, organic, acoustic, and bangin!

Everything from the smooth deep bass, to airy pads, buttery ep chords, and even some slick guitars all melt together in a fondue pot of Hip Hop goodness.

I love that it wasn’t a pure construction kit library, it makes the samples easier to use in my opinion as you get a lot of full loops and riffs.

The recording, the playing, everything fit the character and aim of the library, and despite how I usually feel about products with Hip Hop in the name, there was nothing cheesy about these sounds at all.

Instead, there’s plenty of usable content.

So what’s the bottom line?

Again, if you dig soulful chords, deep smooth bass, hard hitting drums and plenty of organic backdrops to go around, don’t sleep on this library

4andhalfsubsI give Hip Hop Crate Diggers Vol 2 a 4.5 out of 5 subs, this joint delivers enough quality content to keep even the most picky beat makers happy.

The sounds are authentic, gritty, warm, and classic. With plenty to chop up, or go straight to the one shot music hits to quickly come up with new riffs and loops.

Go on over and  check it out:;16;1:::::::::::Hip%20Hop%20Crate%20Diggers%20Vol.2:528064

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