Big Fish Friday: Samplephonics Future Hip Hop Sessions Review


Hey what’s good fam!

Back with another Big Fish Friday, this time I’ve got a new library from Samplephonics.

It’s called Future Hip Hop Sessions, let’s check it out!

What is Future Hip Hop Sessions?

futurehiphopsessionsIn the description it says “futuristic trap infused Hip Hop with wonky beats and live instrumentation”

I’m not much of a trap guy, at least not its current form, and to me the beats it sounds more left-field Hip Hop than anything, but I suppose some of the faster rhythms could be trap inspired.

I do love the inclusion of live instrumentation though, as I’m a huge fan of real instruments and live synths together.

In addition to the loops you also get a bunch of one shots and even sampler patches to quickly pull up the one shot samples.

Quick Specs

How does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderI’ve come to expect nothing but quality when it comes to Samplephonics, they always have a nice organic sound to their libraries which captures the exact character intended by the product.

I was really impressed with some of the drum loops and beats, they reminded me of the drunken funk style of a good producer friend of mine, very groovy and organic.

I tend to lean more towards the 80 to 95 bpm range for my own tastes but even some of the faster bpm grooves were nice.

The live instrument loops and riffs sound great, very natural and plenty of variety to work with.

From the bass to the keys and pads, even the brass and synths sounded nice, they also threw in some scratch and other random samples.

There’s also tons of one shot samples, and I’m glad they provide sampler instruments so you can quickly audition, I just wish they had more single kick samples included.

Though you can quickly chop up the drum loops to get more hits, including at least 8 to 16 would have been great.

So what’s the bottom line?

This is a nice library, a refreshing dose of originality and experimentation that doesn’t veer too far off of the Hip Hop path, but gives enough content and personality to be useful in many situations.

4andhalfsubsI give Future Hip Hop Sessions 4.5 out of 5 subs, it sounds great, is well-organized, with plenty of variety to keep you busy. 

As I said, I  expected quality when I saw it was coming from Samplephonics, and they definitely didn’t disappoint.

Go on over and check it out:;12;1:::::::::::Future%20Hip%20Hop%20Sessions:529092

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

Big Fish Friday: Samplephonics Future Hip Hop Sessions Review
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  1. Yes!! Yes!! Another great inside look from one of the best in the music industry (SJ). I really enjoyed the review and thanks for peep into these great sounds. I agree with the 4.5 ratings. Samplephonics didn’t hold back on this one…


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