Big Fish Friday: Jazz Sessions review


Is it Friday already!?


Well it’s time for another edition of Big Fish Friday…time to take a look at some more samples sent to me by big fish audio.

This week, we’re gonna get a lil jazzy on ya!

Talkin all that Jazz…

This isn’t one of those “hip hop jazz hybrid” collections, this is straight up for people looking to compose jazz music.

This is perfect for us! No matter if you’re not making jazz, a lot of urban producers like to sample jazz records, myself included.

So anything that can give us an authentic sound without worrying about royalties and sample clearance…bring it on baby!


What’s in this Jazz Session?

My personal description would be ” a gang of smoke flowing hole in the wall bare chicken bones on a napkin type sounds”

But that’s not really technical enough so, here’s what they say on the site:

Jazz Sessions is a unique sample collection bringing you all the vibes you would hope to hear at any great jazz club, and adds swing, soul and solid jazz attitude to your productions!

Featuring a huge 3Gig library of jazz samples played by seasoned professionals and captured with maximum realism and authenticity. Jazz Sessions is the consummate tool for jazz-influenced producers worldwide, whether you are looking to make pure traditional jazz, nu-jazz, broken beats, or are looking to melt a pure jazz feel into another style of music – Jazz Sessions will deliver what you need.

Okay, that sounds good but what does it actually sound like?

Dopeness, pure finger snapin, diggin in the crates, authentic jazz dopeness!

Seriously, the riffs, Β licks and loops are well played and definitely have a certain “feel” about them.

Heck man, I heard the breathing and foot tapping when demoing some of the flute riffs!

Like I said, it’s not jazz with a hip hop affection…it’s straight up jazz from the horns to the drums.

So this would work well for folks trying to actually compose jazz records, but my purpose would be to put together jazz compositions that I can then slice up like I would on from a jazz record!

Works perfect, recorded right, no distortion whatsoever.

One thing I didn’t like though, the release noise on the rhodes multisample…it was pretty loud, but that’s okay, there are plenty of rhode loops and riffs to use, and I’m sure I could tweak the multi in Kontakt if I wanted. But I had to let ya know about that one.

Okay, so it sounds good, sounds authentic, what about the pricepoint?

3D chrome Dollar symbolThe price is right baby! Just like a majority of sample dvd libraries, this comes in at 99 bucks, and with all the money you save in royalties…I think it’s a good trade off.

BUT, they also did something very nice, probably for folks like us. You can download separate section from the collection for 29-49 bucks!

So if you want JUST the flutes, or the keys, or guitars, or brass…you can do that. You may not want the drums and bass…maybe you just want the instruments. Go for it then!

Final thoughts on the library?

If you can’t tell by now, I really loved this one. I’m a jazz music lover, even just for listening pleasure, but also for sampling and music production. Β To be able to add some nice authentic jazz sounds to your music that actually sound good, it’s always a pleasure. Especially when the library is made for jazz musicians and not “jazzy hip hop samples”

I like those too, but sometimes you just want some real jazz infusion for ya grooves.

5subsThis is a 5 out of 5 straight up no questions about it. Great content, tons and tons of samples, multiple formats, and if you don’t want the whole thing you can go with individual sections!

bottom line is, if you like to use jazz samples, you definitely should check this library out.

Go listen to the demo at Big Fish Jazz Sessions and tell em I sent ya

What do you think? Β Leave me a comment below.


  1. These sounds are incredible! I think i must have read the price 100 times to ensure I was seeing correctly. Heard some really dope dope stuff in that pack! Once again Saint Joe….you sick with the reviews fam.


    • Hahaha, yeah they are nice. Thing is, you can get just what you want, if you don’t want the drums and bass, it will be cheaper than getting the whole thing. Either way, this joints were amazing and I was not sure what I was going to hear. But after playing with them, I can recommend them enough. They are flexible and there is enough content to keep a person busy for MONTHS or even years lol.

      Big fish is doing it man lol.

      I try to keep ya hooked up with the goodies man, bout to start a new series of “in the lab with novaloops” so be on the look out for that. They are doing some dope stuff as well.

  2. DAMN! That pack is SICK man. I like the fact this pack is made for real jazz heads not just jazzy hip hop sample peeps that you pointed out. One thing though, It sounds like the Rex files are limited. could i get all the instrements in Rex format? Great review Joe. Thanx

    • If I remember correctly, there are rex files for all the categories. I usually delete the rex files and I like to chop my own stuff, and using ableton I don’t really need rex files for timestretching.

      The pack is ILL man, like you said, made FOR jazz, so that makes it more authentic, instead of a “hip hop jazz”.

      Don’t get me wrong, I like those too, but nothing beats a good jazz sample lol.

  3. ey man, very helpful stuff. i like how you actually go through alot of the sounds and show us how they sounds with beats over them and such. keep it up man, its cool that your doin this

    • Thanks bro, I try to do what I would like to see when I go to a site, many sites do reviews but I know producers are folks that like to see/hear something in action, actually being used…just to see if we could use it ourselves.

      So thanks for the love yo! I’m tryin to keep it movin!

  4. Yeah man, those are choice sounds. I agree it’s cool these are jazz samples as opposed to jazzy hip hop samples. It’s better for us to hook the beat up and convert it in a hip hop form (lol sorry 11/17-Rakim it’s like Christmas to me)


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