Big Fish Friday: Eclipse 2 Ambient Guitars


So what is Eclipse 2?

eaag2You may remember my review of Eclipse?

If not, Eclipse 2 is a collection of loops, riffs, kits, and fx dedicated to ambient guitar styles.

It is super heavy on the guitar side, but not just traditional riffs, there are pads, bass, drums, percussion, and fx….all made with source material from the instruments themselves.

No synths or keyboards.  Speaking of which…the instruments used were guitar, bass, ukulele, and strumstick.

I’ll admit, I have NO CLUE what the heck a strum stick is,  but it doesn’t matter…just gimme the sounds!

Quick Specs

How does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape RecorderI’m a fan of ambient, I’m a fan of guitar, the riffs played in this library cater to both of those areas.

There is a lot of content, but what surprised me the most is the diversity of the sounds and variety of the playing included.

You get the soft airy stuff mixed right in with the edgy and aggressive.

However, even the aggressive sounds still lean more towards the ambient side of music production, but it definitely gives you a bit more flexibility.

Oh…and having the fx right there in the KLI interface really lets you tweak the sounds as needed, all while everything remains locked to your host tempo.

The sounds are both well recorded and well played, with plenty of length in the loops for those that like to slice and dice.

So what’s the bottom line?

I’ve come to expect that Big Fish tends to deliver exactly what they say on the box.

If you’re looking for some of that thought-provoking, introspective guitar-based goodness, Eclipse 2 has it.

4subsI give this library 4 out of 5 subs, it’s well recorded, well played, and full of variety.

I’d even say it has a cinematic feel too it, more of a movie scene/tv show vibe in certain parts…which is good in my book!

The sound spark a thought or emotion, and that’s always a good thing right?

Go on over a check it out:;24;1::::::::::::Eclipse%202:%20Ambient%20Guitars:529572

Leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts.


  1. Nice sounds, but it would appear based on Big Fish Audio’s licence agreement they do not permit their loops to be used in media projects. I find this ridiculous as a number of these ambient loop products suggests they are more appropriate for media than mainstream music? Unknowingly I purchased a number of these ambient loops from Big Fish Audio only to discover they are now redundant due to BFA’s apparent restrictions regarding media?

    To be fair Big Fish Audio do offer a clearance policy for their loops regarding media, but based on their license agreement would imply there is no absolute guarantee that the purchaser will be successful? Interestingly just recently a high profile UK audio magazine also highlighted the exact same issue when reviewing a Big Fish Audio loop product.

    Of all the loop producers I have done business with so far, none of them have any media restrictions pertaining to radio/tv advertising as long as the loop is part of an original compositional work. I would be interested in hearing a response from BFA for clarification on this matter to see if they have any plans to change their media terms of remit restrictions regarding their current licence agreement? Secondly since Eclipse 2 Ambient Guitars seems to contain loops in its KLI format, does this mean the purchaser of said product is also restricted from using these loops in media compositions as well?

    • Basically they don’t want people taking their libraries as is and building music libraries from them. If you are using them in your own music you’re most likely fine. This”issue” head come up many times over the years and I was told it is more about simply turning the libraries into music libraries abs not so much about using it in your own creations. I’ve also heard folks that need to get the media clearance usually do.

      I asked them years ago and it seemed fine but as always it is best to contact them directly to get your questions answered.


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