Big Fish Beast of the Keys library review


What’s good fam! You know what time it is.

It’s Friday…so you know that means it’s time for some Big Fish!

Today I’m checking out a loop/construction library called “Beast of the Keys”

It isn’t really a construction kit, since it only has keys and synths, but they are broken up into separate “songs” with different tempo and keys.

Let’s just check it out.

So what is Beast of the Keys?

The concept behind this library is that it has 10 “construction kits” yet the kits are dedicated exclusively to keys and synths.

So the library focuses on bringing you a collection of Soul/RnB focused key and synth lines.

There are 81 loops all together, which includes the stereo mix as well as each separate track.

This usually works out to about 3-4 loops per kit.

No drums, no bass, just the keys. It also includes midi and fl studio files

Quick Specs

  • content: 10 kits, 137mb wav
  • format: wav, midi, fl studio
  • price: $19.95

How does it sound?

There is a nice and smooth sound and style to this library

Even the synth lines have a really smooth feel to them. This is definitely more of an RnB or Soul styled library

The loops themselves are well recorded and they don’t all sound the same.

There are some great chords to be found in here and the loops themselves are really long so you can get a lot of riffs, licks, and chops out of them.

Probably not something you’re gonna use for your next dubstephop smash but you know…you can make it work in a few different styles. Even dub needs a smooth chord now and then!

So what’s the bottom line?

I like coming across libraries like this. The price is small but the content is great, there’s plenty here to give you a nice infusion of smooth keys, chords, and lead synth lines.

If you like to stroll along the smoother side of things, definitely give this a look if you’re in need of some new inspiration.

I give Beast of the Keys 4 out of 5 subs, it’s a useful little library that stays true to its focus

Sometimes all you need is that one riff or lick to spark a whole new idea. And as I said previously, there are some really useful chords in here, great for chopping up and making your own kits with.

Add your own drums, guitar, bass, or whatever else you feel and you’re ready to go.

Check out the demos, and let me know what you think:

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  1. Man, thanks for the review. I was looking at getting this kit and now that you’ve reviewed it I will. As always you did a good job. Also, for the short time you take to put a beat together they really sounds hot. Do you have material out? If not you need to, lol.. Again, good job, bro. Keep it coming….

  2. I enjoy your reviews. Str8 to the point.
    p.s. You sound exactly like the actor who appeared on “House” a couple weeks ago. The tone of your voice is really good. Maybe you should look into doing voice over work.


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