Big Fish Audio Urban Legacy XXL Demo and Giveaway


Hey what’s good fam!

Hope you had a great week, I’m back with a new Big Fish Friday, and this time I’m back with a giveaway.

The product I’m showcasing is Urban Legacy XXL from VIP Loops.

It’s a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE collection of 20 products with their custom Kontakt interface ready to play, time stretch, and manipulate.

There’s some classic best-selling products that have been remastered as well as some brand new ones.

Definitely tones of usable content in there for anyone into urban, rnb, and pop music.

Quick Specs

How to win your own for FREE!

So this is a great library for anyone into urban music production, if you’re familiar with VIP Loops content, you know it’s top notch.

As mentioned, there’s 20 different products included in this one, so I wanted to present a challenge to give you a chance to win a free copy.

Out of the 20 different products, each is dedicated to specific genres and styles.

To win a free copy, be the first person to comment below with the number of products dedicated to RnB as well as the name of each of those products.

If you’re resourceful this should be an easy one 🙂

Good luck!

***We have a winner, thanks to everyone that participated and look forward to more giveaways from Big Fish in the future!



Big Fish Audio Urban Legacy XXL Demo and Giveaway
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  1. 3 are dedicated to r&B

    Hook City: R&B Edition
    R&B Radio Killers
    R&B Soul

    break up to make up

    and a Section of
    Grammy Guitars Bundle (Hip Hop Loops, R&B Loops, Pop Licks)

  2. Purple Brizzle & XXL
    Hook City : R&B Edition Vol 1 & 2
    Hook City : R&B Vocal Box Edition
    Hook City: Indie Hybrid Edition
    Radio Buzz Vol1 & 2
    Break up to make Vol.1 & 2
    Vip Loops Hook City Bundle
    Rnb Soul
    Hood Rich
    Rnb Pop Collabos
    Melo Drama
    So Shady
    Kings of Modern RnB
    RnB Bangers
    Beggin to be Sampled: Groove Infusion
    Rnb Radio Killas

    23 products in Top by Vip Loops

  3. Hey hope I can win 🙁

    1) Barrio
    2) Boss Milli
    3) Break Up To Make Up
    4) Chronic Guitars
    5) Cosmic Guitars
    6) Dope ish
    7) East Coast Melodies
    8) Flippin Switches
    9) Grammy Guitars Bundle (Hip Hop Loops, R&B Loops, Pop Licks)
    10) Grandstage
    11) Hook City: R&B Edition
    12) Roots Reggae Lte
    13) R&B Radio Killers
    14) R&B Soul
    15) That’s a Hit: Pop Edition
    16) The Pop Take Over
    17) Trapstarz Platinum
    18) Tri State Knowledge Beats
    19) Urbanized Pop
    20) We Run MIA

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  4. Oops now understood the question. Was in a rush to answer to win.

    There are 6 products for RnB.

    1. Barrio
    2. Grammy Guitar bundle
    3. Hook City
    4. RnB Radio Killers
    5. RnB Soul
    6. Urbanized Pop

  5. Switch
    Urban Legacy XXL
    Urban Essentials Bundle
    Hip Hop Crate Diggers
    Her Secret
    Funk Soul Horns
    Lost Tapes Vol. 2
    The Crate: Ultimate Urban Samples
    Detroit Soul
    Big Bad Horns
    The London Sessions
    Freaky Jazzy Funky 2
    Big Bad Horns
    Suite Grooves
    Urban Workstation
    Freaky Jazzy Funky 2
    Suite Grooves 2

  6. 1)  Barrio
    2)  Boss Milli
    3)  Break Up To Make Up
    4)  Chronic Guitars
    5)  Cosmic Guitars
    6)  Dope ish
    7)  East Coast Melodies
    8)  Flippin Switches
    9)  Grammy Guitars Bundle (Hip Hop Loops, R&B Loops, Pop Licks)
    10)  Grandstage
    11)  Hook City:  R&B Edition
    12)  Roots Reggae Lte
    13)  R&B Radio Killers
    14)  R&B Soul
    15)  That’s a Hit:  Pop Edition
    16)  The Pop Take Over
    17)  Trapstarz Platinum
    18)  Tri State Knowledge Beats
    19)  Urbanized Pop
    20)  We Run MIA

  7. # of products dedicated to RnB: 4

    Name of those Products:

    1) Grammy Guitars Bundle (Hip Hop Loops, R&B Loops, Pop Licks)

    2) Hook City: R&B Edition

    3) R&B Radio Killers

    4) R&B Soul

    I know I won’t win with this answer (it’s already been posted a few times), but thanks for the opportunity! LOL…

  8. been a big fan of big fish ever since I started watching your site to me there the best but I also like the new desk you have for your set up where can I get one as always thank again

    • I appreciate the support fam, more to come from BF! My desk is a custom one I had made by, great company to work with and I love the desk!


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