Big Fish Audio Studio Kit Builder review and giveaway


Hey what’s good fam, back with another Big Fish Friday

Today I’m taking a look at the new Studio Kit Builder

I’m also giving away a free copy

Let’s check it out!

What is Studio Kit Builder?

According to the product page, it’s a complete encyclopedia of acoustic drums.

According to me, it’s a large library of various acoustic drum kit pieces, kits, grooves, and fx, all in a custom Kontakt interface.

It’s a Kontakt Player library so you don’t need the full version, and it’s got a very custom interface that makes tweaking the sounds fast and fun.

It’s not just a drum kit, with the included midi/grooves, this turns it into a virtual drummer as well

Quick Specs

  • content: 9+GB, 130 kit pieces, 50+ custom kits
  • format: kontakt and kontakt player
  • price: $199.95

How does it sound?

This is a very deep and diverse drum library, though it’s all based on acoustic kits, the fx and recording allow multiple different styles to be covered.

Not only do you get a huge collection of individual pieces to build your own kits with, but the premade kits cover a wide range of styles form soul to rock, to jazz and experimental.

I like the fact that you have a mixer in which you can adjust each of the individual parts of the kits, complete with their own fx settings.

Also being able to take a premade kit and quickly change out individual sounds allows you to get exactly the kit you’re looking for.

They also have multiple mic settings as well as multiple room environments, all which allow you to really customize the sound you want.

So what’s the bottom line?

With it’s huge collection of samples along with it’s huge library of midi drum grooves, this library is definitely a drum lovers toolkit

I give Studio Kit Builder 4.5 out of 5 subs, the samples and kits sound great and the interface makes everything very intuitive to use.

These kits are not small by any means, and it becomes evident as you scroll through from kit to kit, I would have liked to see a little more optimization in terms of loading time, but that’s more to do with the Kontakt engine I’d imagine.

I really like how they incorporated the mixer and fx inside of it all, right there in the interface for quick access

This is definitely a huge library, and the flexibility you get over the sound, the kits, and even the mapping, makes it something worth looking at for anyone really into acoustic drum libraries

Check out their demos:;16;1:::::::1095:::D1095::1492

And leave me a comment below!

***congratulations to Mathias for winning a free copy, make sure to contact me with your info!

Big Fish Audio Studio Kit Builder review and giveaway
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  1. dear sir,
    i see your tutorial about studio builder kit so nice but i dont have money in my pocket kidly you send me link free download this software

    yousuf shah


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