Boom and Bap: Big Fish Audio SMACK


If you need quick access to high quality percussion like kicks, stomps, claps, snaps, shakers, tambourines or even found sound percussive samples, you may want to check out “SMACK” from Big Fish Audio.

This library is geared towards providing you with a simple instrument dedicated to percussive elements used as the extra seasoning or even sometimes the foundation of a track.

Sometimes you want to have the exact sounds you need all in one interface as opposed to searching through tons of samples, so if you’re looking for that type of convenience while still getting quality sounds then “SMACK” may be what you’re looking for. The patches are multi sampled and multi velocity layered to produce a realistic sound.

It’s not really aimed at any particular genre, it can work wherever you need natural, or even a few electronic percussive elements.

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