Big Fish Audio Altered Reality review


Hey what’s up fam! It’s Friday, time for some Big Fish!

Today I’m checking out a new Cinematic style library called Altered Reality

Let’s see what’s up with it!

What is Altered Reality?

It’s a collection of dark cinematic loops, elements, and sound fx.

It’s in the KLI format so you can quickly play and manipulate the sounds within Kontakt.

However it’s not a construction kit style library like some of the others.

This is more of a “grab bag” so to speak.

It has everything from bass and synth loops, to drums, percussion, pads, hits, and more.

Quick Specs

  • content: 8.26GB (3.65GB wav)
  • format: Kontakt 4/5 (full version) WAV, Rex, Apple, Acid, RMX
  • price: $129.95

How does it sound?

This is a nice collection of cinematic and even some not so cinematic sounds. You get some pretty raw/noisy drums, but also some straight forward electronic ones as well.

There’s also some orchestral percussion that sounds nice, and some really well recorded general hand percussion loops.

The bass and synths are a nice mixture of experimental and straight forward loops so it’s a nice contrast.

The one shots are really cool, everything from pads, to hits, impacts, swooshes, vocals, and fx.

And NO…the vocals aren’t corny phrases, more like pad type sounds.

What’s the bottom line?

This is another well done cinematic release from Big Fish, which have been some of my favorites.

I really like the content and layout of this libray, it’s not a construction kit, which gives you a bit more freedom in my opinion

I give Altered Reality 4.5 out of 5 subs, it’s a really great sounding library with a variety of content and an easy way to audition via the KLI interface

If you like to experiment with sound design and and the more cinematic side of things, definitely check this out

Listen to and watch their demos on the site:;16;1:1608;205;115:::::::::A1608;A205;A115::514672

**Also from now until Dec 31, 2012 you can get $20 off your next purchase using the code: HOLIDAY12

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think

Big Fish Audio Altered Reality review
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  1. I know that we should all make time to create own sounds, but sometimes there is no time; but with slicing, sounds can be customized. I have only just got Kontakt 5, half price in the sale at NI, so the whole Kontakt universe awaits me! bigfish audio are really good company to do business with!


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