Big Bad Horns Kontakt library from Big Fish


Yo what’s good fam, time for some Big Fish Friday!

Got something a little different this time, it’s a construction kit AND a Kontakt library/instrument.

It’s from their new KLI series, which is a custom Kontakt interface for use with their libraries that come with it.

This one is called Big Bad Horns, let’s peep it!

So what is Big Bad Horns?

It’s a collection old school and modern horn band kits.

Funk, Soul, Jazz, Latin, Rock, and Blues are all covered.

It’s not just the horns though, you get keys, drums, bass, guitar,

everything that you’d find in a horn band setup.

Quick Specs

  • content: 3.36GB
  • format: wav, rex, apple, rmx, acid, kontakt (requires full version of kontakt)
  • price: $129.95

How does it sound?

It sounds like you would expect, like a dope horn band got together and had a jam session

Everything is well recorded as usual, and you get a lot of variety in terms of styles and even horns.

You get trumpets, saxes, and trombones, in addition to the keys, guitars, drums, bass, etc.

But what really takes it to the next level is the KLI system.

You can access an entire kit on the keys, add fx, mix, all right from the interface.

The included FX are useful, and the fact that it’s in Kontakt means you get instant time stretching

What’s the bottom line?

The new KLI system breathes new life into the loop libraries from Big Fish.

Really gives you a lot of options, and ways to play the loops.

If you’re like me, and like to organize construction kits into “instrument” folders…that’s already done.

I can grab just some horns, or keys, or bass…really quickly

Not to mention each and every loop in the library comes with a “sliced loop” patch.

This is very similar to the technology they introduced in Rig Urban Workstation and gives you total control and tweakability over the loops

I give this 4 out of 5 subs, it’s a really great sounding library with an absolutely useful Kontakt interface

Oh and you still get access to the actual wave/loops so you can do your own tweaking and slicing as normal

I definitely look forward to more in the KLI series, really brings and instant gratification to their large loop libraries.

head on over and checkout the demos:;16;1:::::512295:::D512295::513530


  1. SJ,”Big Fish Friday”,Yes!! Yes!!. These “Big Bad Horns” can set things off. You’re absolutely right – the slice loops are really nice. Being able to time stretch/& adjust sound volumes is a great way to edit your sounds. Thanks again for bring another “Great” “BF Friday” video.

    • @Baddboy2000, yeah man, they rolling out some new goodies so I’ll have plenty to keep me busy for BFF 🙂

      But yeah, I’m really digging the new interface, especially since I no longer have to organize the samples into instrument folders myself lol

      Thanks for the comment fam

  2. Yeah KLI. Thats what I LOVE about the George Duke Soul Treasures. Its already chopped up so you can go to work right away and Rig does it as well. Id buy it just for that which I have LOL! Great Review As Always.

    • @Bobby Drake, word, yeah KLI seems to be a name they are giving their products that use this. It definitely came from what they did in Rig, I’m just glad they are doing it to more of their libraries. Good stuff!

  3. I was thinking about getting this library about a month ago..I may get it down the road. It seems it seems like it would be cool to have in my library.
    I hope that Big Fish will start making all their libraries setup in Kontakt like this one. That would be a big difference in what my first round buys would be from them.

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