Best Service Desert Winds library review


Hey fam what’s up!

I’m back with another Best Service product from Eduardo Tarilonte!

Yes, he did Forest Kingdom and Epic World….

Now he’s taking us to the desert with Desert Winds!

Let’s check it out!

What is Desert Winds? 

This is a new library based on 4 ethnic solo wind instruments.

The instruments are the Duduk, the Persian Ney, the Turkish Ney, and the Zourna

You may or may not know what they are by name, but you know the sound!

There are also of course, the ambient and evolving soundscapes that are common to Eduardo’s libraries.

Quick Specs

  • content: 2.5GB library
  • format: Best Service Engine (free player)
  • price: $167.71

How does it sound?

Like all of Eduardo’s libraries, this one has a common “earthy” sound to it.

Everything he does just has such a natural sound, even when he gets into the more experimental soundscapes and textures.

This is what I love about his libraries, the tone and feel of them is so real and tangible.

It’s not about them having all the articulations and breath noises, though they do.

And it’s not about how many velocity layers are there. For me, it’s the sound, however he gets to it, that captures my attention.

His libraries have a common ground of realism, even though they sound different style wise, there’s always the same organic and earthy tone.

That tone is present in this library for sure.

The solo instruments are outstanding and the soundscapes are just plain amazing.

You even get multiple micro-tuning presets so that you can load the exact tuning of each instrument that you want.

What’s the bottom line?

You already know I’m a fan of Eduardo, I love his libraries.

They bring something unique and different to the thousands of libraries out there.

The richness and tone of his samples is what I love the most…coupled with the fact that I can go in and edit the layers and parts in each soundscape/texture…pure dopeness!

I give this library 4.5 out of 5 subs, it’s really a unique and amazing sounding library with plenty of control to make it your own.

I always look forward to whatever he does next, and I’m hoping to see a product that is full of nothing but soundscapes and textures, as those are usually my favoirte part of his libraries.

They sound amazing.

Go on over and try it for yourself at Try 

Or download the free demo version from Best Service


  1. SJ: Thanks for giving us an insight to these sounds. The add-on “Takes Me To The Far East”. The sounds are excellent. Another great review from S&

    • @Baddboy2000, no problem bro, thanks for watching and commenting. I just like to share the good stuff I come across man. So difficult to really know all that’s out here. I just try to do my part to help, plus I just plain love playing with this stuff 🙂

  2. Funky Drummer Dewey Dew · Edit

    Yes Sir,

    This is my type of stuff!!!

    I thought I could pass on Best Service/YT Engine & libraries the same way up the same way I thought I could pass on NI Maschine and Kontakt & libraries. No Way!!!!

    I’ve been watchin these guy’s for a while, and I also like Titan and Synth-Werk.

    Its Amazing how your Desert Winds demo has influenced the Saint Nick in myself to grab all three of these Best Service products as a holiday gift, not to mention the NI stuff I’ve aquired over the last six months, among other things you’ve introduced thru Sounds & Gear.

    I’ll be lookin out for your demo’s on Tronsonic, (Phat Bottom Vintage Sounds for Kontakt AKA Azimuth Generator Synth, a work in progress among other things they have on their site). I’ll just let you handle that one, you do such a good job at showing product sounds, as with GB’s Stuff.

    For me, Soft Samplers are The Meat & Soft Synths are The Potatoes & Veggies, while VST fx and Convolution IR’s are the Seasoning. Recording & Mixing is The Chef Cooking in the Kitchen, The Final Mix is Dinner served. Watching the listeners enjoy the mix and/or demand the purchase on the spot is, Compliments to THE Chef. The Purchase or Exchange of Currency for the final product, of course is the Big Dessert.

    Keep up the great presentations brethren Saint Joe, everything is Str8 & 100 at Sounds & Gear. I’m always watching.

    Much Love Peeps, and Happy Holidays to you and the fam at Sounds & Gear..


  3. The sound of that “duduk” instrument is so deeply soulful that I was stunned by its expressiveness. I’ve got some bluesy jazz jazz pieces I’ve composed with Band-in-a-Box that I’d like try it out on, like substituting it for a tenor saxophone solo or maybe even a bass clarinet.

    Thanks for providing us with a peek at Mr. Tarilonte’s new instrument.



  4. I have been thinking about this for a while.
    Then I decided to have a look and see if you had checked it out.
    Once again your in-depth look helped me decide. You do a great job of hitting points that musicians and composers really care about and I have come to trust your frank opinion.
    This thing is great. Quality and creativity for sure. The Subs rating is well earned.
    Thanks again for helping me sort this out.

  5. Hey Saintjoe.
    I love your reviews,very very good job.
    I’ve got Era 1 and Epic world for a while,and they are great.
    With christmas i bought Era2,Forest kingdome and Desert winds.
    Oh brother,Engine 2 and Eduardo Tarilonte are heaven and hell.
    It is a complete nightmare,nothing but chrashes.
    And best service are not responding back on questions.
    I can not understand why they put the best fairytale librarys into that shit like engine 2 and not Kontakt.
    One of the biggest mistakes in vst land,its a fucking shame to sell that crap on this way.
    I was looking for a solution to convert them into kontakt format.
    Still working.
    I let you now when i got succes.

    • Yeah man I have to say I’m not a huge fan of Engine 2 myself, I’d much prefer the libraries to be in Kontakt format. I don’t’ have crashes really I just don’t like how it’s laid out mostly lol.

  6. Unbeliveble you don’t have chrashes.
    I use the latest Ableton and the latest Engine 2 and it crashes all the time i select patches.
    I got a fresh install windows 7,i7 16mb.
    in my opinium nothing wrong.

  7. I understand.
    I have now contact with Best service,hopely they can help.
    I look out to your new reviews.
    All the best.
    Greets from the Netherlands

  8. Hi Saintjoe.

    Do you remember when you install and run if you had some settings changed in the preferences menu of Engine 2?
    Witch version of Engine you run?
    All information helps.

  9. Hey Saintjoe.
    I want you to let you know it runs stable now.
    i think is has something to do with the combination win 7 64 bit and witch version of Engine 2.
    Best service helpt a lot specially with Forest Kingdom.
    Maybe i was a little bit frustrated becouse its a lot of money, you know.
    The library sounds amazing as always.
    Some of the drones are so good, you close your eyes and your in the story.
    I look up for the next


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