Audiority Omnisphere Total preset bundle review


Hey what’s good!

This one is for all the Omnisphere users out there, today I’m reviewing a HUGE bundle of new presets for this powerful plugin.

The bundle is from Audiority, and it covers a wide range of styles.

Let’s check it out!

So what is the Omnisphere Total Bundle?


The bundle basically includes ALL preset libraries that Audiority has created for Omnisphere up to this point.

The bundle is updated as new libraries are created, right now it’s on version 5.0 and it includes 7 total libraries in the package.

The range of styles is very diverse, from cinematic and ambient to raw EDM and trap styles. Basically, it’s a major influx of creativity through new patch content for anyone that uses Omnisphere.

The style of music you make doesn’t matter, as good sounds can be used all over the place!

Quick Specs

So how does it sound?

Reel to Reel Tape Recorder

This was such a huge bundle that I wanted to spend time with each library to see how they stood on their own.

And I was not let down with any of them, as you would expect the electronic themed libraries had plenty of huge leads, chords, deep bass, arps, and even some drum sounds. My favorite part would have to be the soundscapes and the cinematic stuff, that’s just what I gravitate too and they were very well done.

Plenty of airy pads, evolving soundscapes, dream-like pianos, cinematic percussion and drums, and more. I was worried that each style wouldn’t be true to the genre it was going for, but they definitely executed this well.

If you’re an electronic producer there are tons of huge leads and pads ready for your next anthem, however if you’re a cinematic guy, there are some soundcapes and atmospheres that are ready for your next cue.

If you’re just a sound fanatic like me, then you’ll love the huge variety of useful authentic sounds that can instantly spark your creative juices.

So the bottom line is?

Man look, if you use Omnisphere you know how awesome that plugin is by itself.  However, we all love new content and ideas, and this bundle is a much have, it just gives you so many new goodies to play with!


I give the Omnisphere Total Bundle 5 out of 5 subs, I love it, it’s super deep, inspiring, and just plain sounds great! A must for any Omnisphere owner.

These libraries can stand on their own just fine, you wouldn’t be disappointed purchasing them separately or just getting the styles you like.

However, if you like to explore sounds outside of the specific genre they were created for and you like to get things at a discount (I love that lol) then the bundle is for you.

You get about a 30% discount over buying them separately, and like I said, all of the libraries have very useful sounds in them.

I’m just glad there are people out there making patches for this monster of a plugin, there’s so much in there and the few people that have been creating libraries for it all seem to be producing very high quality stuff!

Go on over and check this out:

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  1. Thanks again for another awesome vid Saint…..I’m just having problems setting the patches up. I’ve read the instructions and even viewed a vid on you tube showing how,But I can’t seem to them to work still. Maybe you or some might know?

    • Make sure you’re fully updated, then make sure you put them in the STEAM folder, in the settings library, under patches. And make sure you have each folder in there as it’s own folder, as the files that are needed are extracted to each folder separately. So each library has it’s own folder.


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