Maschine Packs: Aston Martin Music Expansion Review


astonmartinmusicIf you’re looking for some lush, soulful, organic sound instruments and drums for Maschine then checkout this expansion.

Full of guitars, keys, strings, synths, bass, keys, and multi sampled drums, plenty of real instruments go go around.

While many libraries are synth heavy these days, this one focuses on bringing real instruments and organic sound directly to Maschine.

I particularly found some of the guitars to be well done, as well as strings and keys.

Overall, this is a nice “bread and butter” style library that can give you a nice dose of real sounds to use your library

Quick Specs


  1. It’s nice to see developers like this make products for Maschine. I haven’t seen many developers make these kind of products for other MPC’s. Thanks.

  2. Saintjoe just wondering if I buy one of these kits will it be downloaded straight to my computer or will it come on a disk?….. I really like these sounds!


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