Arturia SparkLE multiple output routing and tracking in Studio One v2


Hey what’s good fam?

Just a quick little tutorial on routing multiple outputs from SparkLE into Studio One v2 for those that want to add effects in your daw or track out the audio from your projects made in SparkLE.

I got some requests and questions on how to do this after I did my SparkLE review, so just wanted to share it with you.

The concept is similar in most daws as long as you understand how to assign and route audio in your daw you should be good.

Of course let me know if you have any specific questions about SparkLE and I’ll see if I can help steer you in the right direction!


      • Wow ok so thank you. I have the original Spark and I do not do much midi routing because usually we are just recording keys from the M-Audio Axiom Pro 66. I got the Spark as soon as it released but never could find a Studio One Tutorial on routing. SO man after over a year I’m very much a fan of yours now! (Huge Suck Up I Know!) I would appreciate a tutorial run down of all other Studio One Routing as well.


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  1. Does this setting work in Studio one producer. I am able to get the sounds to the invidual channels, but thereafter I am not able to route the sounds to the audio track. I am also not able able to add the instruments tracks to get the audio as suggested in the video.

  2. Hey, saintjoe
    could you please tell me, how to do this with midi note recording from Spark (connected to the SparkLE) into a midi track in Studio One? I have no signal in a spark assigned midi track, only in the mixing console i can see a signal. It’s nice, that you’ve shown how to do it, rendering to audio, thanks so far for this. But I wanna have the possibility to manipulate the midi params.

    • I believe you have to go into the preferences and set the pads/patterns to send MIDI output, then you’d have to setup a MIDI track to receive MIDI from the track that Spark is on, and route the MIDI back to that track so it can trigger it.


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